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You Would Like A Massage In London Woods?


London Woods (Cocky Boi) might not have gotten over Arquez yet but that won't stop him from making his coins! 

You would like a good Valentine's Day rub down from escort masseur, go over and holla at him!

Check out his profile after the jump!



In other news, Cocky Boi just did a video with Thug Seduction's Prince Creamz that is called 'Fucked Backwards'! Make sure you guys go over to Thug Seduction and check it out!

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9 Responses to You Would Like A Massage In London Woods?

  1. wait but didnt a previous post on this blog say he was crazy or suffered from mental illness. And you want people to “book” him. HELL NO. Yall better stay away from that

  2. Escorts are not what they used to be. In ATL I’ve found most of them lie about their pics and profile. They want their money upfront and sometimes once they get it find excuses to leave “go to my car, have another client” or they cant even get their dicks hard. Being an escort is a true talent. You are suppposed to be a gentleman and provide an experience to your clients to get REPEAT business. A true escort doesnt want to post an ad. They want to have as many dedicated and loyal clients so they can just service them. But ATL escorts are just hood boys, or high school drop outs are taking advantage of their youth, presumably high libido, and beauty. They lack culture, education, class and BUSINESS SENSE. So while I dont know this escort above I have realized that messing with 20 something escorts is nothing short of wasting your money. Unless your white. The only tip I can offer other than DONT do it, Is to deal with OLDER escorts in it for business. Or screen them HEAVILY before you meet. And if they get mad b/c u asking so many questions THATS YOUR ANSWER. A real escort understands and delivers what you want for the price. Just make sure they deliver before you pony up a DIME.

  3. …another Cockyboi post….YAWN…..


  5. DAmn….he is only 22? why does it seem like he been doing porn at least 6 years?

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