Walter Lee Hampton Speaks The Truth HIV In Today’s Black Gay Community!

As written by Walter Lee Hampton

After living in Atlanta since 1989 I know for a fact that I am Very Blessed to be HIV NEGATIVE after all theses years. When just about everyone i know is HIV POSITIVE. Atlanta is The largest Black Gay City in the WORLD with EXTREMELY HIGH HIV RATES. I have buried HUNDREDS of FRIENDS who died form AIDS right here in Atlanta. Most of my friends did not make it to age 25. So How exactly I manage to stay HIV NEGATIVE while living in Atlanta 24 years?

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  • nat

    wait he looks familiar … isnt he the guy who said tyler perry was stalking him ? he made a big fuss on fb. or tyler perry washis ex and he ouldnt leave him alone….. something like that. i remember this from face book…..i have said this for a long time, people dont talk about hiv/aid in a life threatening way. we have become use to it. now and view it like high blood pressure and continue to reinfect our selves and die quicker.

  • overweightgay

    glad i have a weight problem.. Protected by default.