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Mr. Tool aka Supa Freak!

Mr. Tool is infamous for his nasty freaky ways. I think I mentioned this on the blog before [and starz submit pics for proof] and this man is a bonafide freak with ladies.

For one he got a video out there in which he is cumming [or peeing] like a geyser. In addition to that he love it when women pee on him. 

Yea..he is that kind of freak..

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7 Responses to Mr. Tool aka Supa Freak!

  1. I rather not mentions some of the other things he likes to do, but I concur and hr gets so much of my money on the cam sites because of how freaky he is.

    • Spill it. Also where can I see his shows?

      • He likes to get fucked (or at least is willing to do so) I occasionally has his girlfriend on his show where she had on a strap on.

        He probably does more but that’s why I like to see him. He’s on His shows are 4.99/minute.

  2. My type of man. I love the body

  3. He’s also a big time stripper from Phiily, he’s on FB. Nice guy! He did some flicks or Rodney St Cloud

  4. why he pissing on himself like that?! He sexy as fuck tho!!!

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