TLS Exclusive: Ace Rockwood Is Now Playing Supporting Actor In A Fish Movie!


I heard rumors that Ace Rockwood was retiring from gay porn and concentrating on his next 'career' move. But I don't think his fans are ready for this…

Unlike most gay black adult film star, he opted against bareback films or getting fucked so he decided to do what many 'stars' have done before him. He is now taking a pay cut and fucking women now! 


Yes Ace Rockwood is now doing straight porn. What I don't understand is, why on earth would he want to even cross the bridge? We know the straight men don't make as much money and unless you have build a name for yourself, you will just be a prop in a girl's movie.  Not to mention, if he was going to bareback, why not just fuck a dude?

Ace Rockwood is considered a mainstream adult film star so I am interested as to how the straight folks will take to him, knowing that he used to fuck boy pussy. He could have transition to bisexual porn or tranny porn. 

I do wish Ace the best. I hope he is getting paid though.  

Shout out to one of my starz for finding the actual pics and footage!