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TLS Exclusive: Ace Rockwood Is Now Playing Supporting Actor In A Fish Movie!


I heard rumors that Ace Rockwood was retiring from gay porn and concentrating on his next 'career' move. But I don't think his fans are ready for this…

Unlike most gay black adult film star, he opted against bareback films or getting fucked so he decided to do what many 'stars' have done before him. He is now taking a pay cut and fucking women now! 


Yes Ace Rockwood is now doing straight porn. What I don't understand is, why on earth would he want to even cross the bridge? We know the straight men don't make as much money and unless you have build a name for yourself, you will just be a prop in a girl's movie.  Not to mention, if he was going to bareback, why not just fuck a dude?

Ace Rockwood is considered a mainstream adult film star so I am interested as to how the straight folks will take to him, knowing that he used to fuck boy pussy. He could have transition to bisexual porn or tranny porn. 

I do wish Ace the best. I hope he is getting paid though.  

Shout out to one of my starz for finding the actual pics and footage!  


13 Responses to TLS Exclusive: Ace Rockwood Is Now Playing Supporting Actor In A Fish Movie!

  1. Damn Envy is give Ace the biz in the first gif of this post. Lol!

  2. *facepalm*….smdh

  3. Here we go, I don’t understand how people like Ace and Castro easily transition and get CASTED for straight films, with them having so many gay scenes (where they’re fucking, kissing on men) in their catalogue….SMH….

  4. Not really sure what to think of this. Did the well run dry? Or is somebody having some mental issues? i say that only because if he was bisexual, logically it would have seem he would have made this move long time ago.. Either his pocketbook shrunk up or his brain> It’s not connecting.

    • I don’t get that though. If he did the opposite, it would probably be a even bigger issue. There is no money in the urban market. I said this many times on the blog and he didn’t get much work in the mainstream industry as well. I would have thought he made his own production company (I think he did) and went that route. I don’t see him making more money unless he blows up like Brian Pumper, J Strokes, etc. But we know they don’t make as much money as women. I don’t think he is crazy…just bisexual….or pansexual…oh well..

  5. he deleted his twitter again. i guess when the str8 folks look him up they wont find his white boy movie pass, because thats worse than the blk boy movie pass.

    • Ace is cute and all, but his scenes never did it for me. I’m not surprised he deleted his Twitter, something about him is “off” to me, I can’t quite put my finger on it. And i’m sorry but no black male adult actor that has appeared in numerous (not just one sex or solo jackoff scene) gay flicks has been able to really successfully transition to straight flicks, BAM and Castro have done a few flicks but haven’t made it to the level of Brian Pumper, Mandingo, etc. (who they have never, ever worked with in a gangbang scene coincidentally) and never will because of their over abundance of gay scenes, trust me when the straight studios learn about Ace he’ll find little work also.

  6. Another hot gay porn star turns straight lol. The message in all of this is…avoid the porn business, unless you plan on starting your own production company. Period.

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  8. i saw him in it was not good sorry ace,it was boring

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