Thug Seduction: The Agent featuring XL!


XL Thug Seduction (2)

Last night I was having wet dreams after previewing the pics and video of XL's latest effort courtesy of Thug Seduction.

His solo flick is probably the best that I have seen in a VERY long time and this is off the preview alone.

I have always been a big fan of XL. I love the fact that he is versatile and knows how to tap into his sexiness. He isn't like everyone else in the business (no shade). Although he is a lot younger than you would think, he is very mature and give off this mystery about him. He gives me boy next door with an edge. A normal college student with a freaky side. XL has a rare yet unique way of giving off sexiness without trying. 

He reminds me SO much of Ace Rockwood minus the ego. Check out XL's debut courtesy of Thug Seduction!



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