Thug Seduction: The Agent featuring XL!

XL Thug Seduction (2)

Last night I was having wet dreams after previewing the pics and video of XL's latest effort courtesy of Thug Seduction.

His solo flick is probably the best that I have seen in a VERY long time and this is off the preview alone.

I have always been a big fan of XL. I love the fact that he is versatile and knows how to tap into his sexiness. He isn't like everyone else in the business (no shade). Although he is a lot younger than you would think, he is very mature and give off this mystery about him. He gives me boy next door with an edge. A normal college student with a freaky side. XL has a rare yet unique way of giving off sexiness without trying. 

He reminds me SO much of Ace Rockwood minus the ego. Check out XL's debut courtesy of Thug Seduction!



  1. Luckystar I have few quick questions regarding xl…..1) is he fully versatile or a verse top? On the thug séduction site they list him as a versé top.. 2) was he versé or had been fucked prior to his video with virgo on taggaz? 3) are u positive that xl will play many scenes as the agent and do think thug séduction will get him to be verse? 4) any idea when his next video will come out on thug séduction? 5) does he work or have plans to work sites other than taggaz, thug séduction and bwn? 6) is he really 22? 7) Lastly can u find out when he plans to do a 3sum or group verse scene cause its the only thing we have not scene.. it would hot to scene him à big dick total versé 3way where Everyone gets fucked by Everyone… I just love xl!!!!

    1. 1.) He is versatile top 2.)not sure about that 3.) he is going to be doing more scenes for the series 4.) he is doing a scene tomorrow so it will be out VERY soon. 5.) I don’t know but I am sure he will when he wants to. 6.) He is not 22, he is 20 7.) Not sure if he will in the near future but I don’t see why he would rule that out..

      1. Sorry à few more questions…when u say very soon what would be ur best first? Where is xl from or lives? U stated he has regular job. …what type of work…side note i have questions About two more models… u when thug séduction will use him again and if he has or will verse? (Would love to see him and xl together) … why the hell wont the model soulja from dpu and taggaz versé on flim as i have heard he is à versé top?

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