The Infamous Diksukka In A Coma? No More Videos?


Last night I post this video and decided to look for more videos! You may have heard of Diksukka, who is famous for his xtube videos of him sucking dicks and getting fucked by random 'unknown' DL trade in a seedy meter room.

I didn't know he had an actual official website so I decided to browse around. I came across his 'blog' and this is what I found out..


We will take this with a grand of salt but I would hate to hear that this happen to him but at the same time THIS is why you don't fuck with DL men or decieve people to make a quick buck off of a clip. 

I hope he gets better and learn from this lesson. You can't play with people's privacy!


  1. Let me spill some tea on mr. “diksukka” i’ve had an encounter with him maybe two years ago. SEXUALLY? NO! but I interviewed him for my site, it was HORRBILE! Anyway I asked him of the dangers of exposing those guys and he seem to care less. I feel sorry for him but again after speaking to him I’m not surprised at all. I mean this is a person who said he couldn’t get HIV through oral sex, he’s INSANE! Scrapped the interview and swore I would never look at another video of his. I guess you learn, too bad he didn’t listen to me when I tried to warn him.

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