The Diary Of A Man With The Horse Dick!


I jacked this pic from a random blog…

There are men, who are well endowed in the penis area and then there are men, who are freakishly HUGE!

Somebody told me long ago that men with HUGE dicks live very dangerous lives. I am still trying to figure that one out but I do often wonder sometimes.

How does one live with a really REALLY HUGE dick? How do people take a horse dick? I did a poll about Size Queens a while back. Of course I was talking about people, who like men who are well endowed. I wonder would they take ride on that gigantic piece of meat

But serious, I wonder how do they live their life with such an exceptionally huge dick between their legs. What kind of underwear do they wear? Do they 'tuck' their dick? How is their sex life? How do people treat them once they found out about it? Do they even have an active sex life?

You guys know I endorse my strippers and I love a good night at the strip club.  I have meet a couple of strippers who were blessed (and cursed according to them) with a horse dick. I always wanted to ask question but never felt like it was the time or the place. 

I think every man has wanted a horse dick in his life time though. I would really like to interview someone who has a horse dick. I want to know if they too think of their blessing as a curse as well. 

Post your thoughts below!



  1. I wish i had a bigger and thicker dick but unfortunately I wasn’t that blessed so I’m stuck with this 9 uncut

  2. I
    know someone with a freakishly huge dick. I’m talking very long and very thick.
    It sounds like a dream but he is miserable about it. He is a bi top and according
    to him all the boys like to look but most don’t want to take it. When he does
    meet guys up for the challenge, they can’t handle it and the sex for him is
    frustrating because he doesn’t get to go the distance. He says it takes forever
    to get it halfway in, then the guy is usually ready to call it quits (and it’s
    the same with girls). The few guys that can handle it tend to usually be the
    ones that have been around the block and aren’t really relationship material.
    He complained to me that his relationships are usually sexless or he has to
    settle for light play most of the time. So I’m happy with my average size cause
    for him the blessing is a curse.

  3. Well i’d say im definatly in the ‘horse dick’ category and can answer some of your questions.

    What underware?: usually don’t bother with any, it gets in the way and I don’t
    mind showing a buldge and I’m open and exhibitionist about it anyway.

    Active Sex life?: Yes, some women won’t entertain it, but once you find the
    braver souls and the ‘sizequeens’ I have quite alot of sex.

    How do people treat them when they find out?: In the most part an added degree of ‘respect’ and or awe/fear. Depending on the person the reaction from men is either, that thing is huge it’s a treat to my masculinaty, I won’t say anything ergo they are fearful. Other guys may be more intriguied and openly say wow its huge well done etc. From Women it tends to earn you alot more respect as a ‘man’ and more openly ‘girly’/submissive, even if around other men they would be more dismissive and attempt to challenge their role as ‘the man’.

  4. I would love to have a nice big thick dick.I have a 7 inch thick dick which is okay for most dudes who I fuck.My boyfriend is a size Queen though and he claims that he never had a boyfriend who didn’t have 9 inches or more.This is such bullshit because we all know about the law of averages when it comes to dick size.I would love to have two more inches and I just wonder why they haven’t found a way yet to make a mans dick bigger but they can make a woman’s breast bigger.

  5. I’m a white male in indiana not had to many dicks in my life the biggest bein 11″. But i do have some very large dildos and can easly take18″ and realy love to feal it deep and stretching me good . Can’t seem to find any hugh cocks to fill me up like i need thow can any one help me out.

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