Walter Lee Hampton Speaks The Truth HIV In Today’s Black Gay Community!

As written by Walter Lee Hampton

After living in Atlanta since 1989 I know for a fact that I am Very Blessed to be HIV NEGATIVE after all theses years. When just about everyone i know is HIV POSITIVE. Atlanta is The largest Black Gay City in the WORLD with EXTREMELY HIGH HIV RATES. I have buried HUNDREDS of FRIENDS who died form AIDS right here in Atlanta. Most of my friends did not make it to age 25. So How exactly I manage to stay HIV NEGATIVE while living in Atlanta 24 years?

Top Dawg from FLA Is The Truth (18 & Over)

In the era where every man should either be top or bottom, I think THIS man should do more versatile videos (Do you SEE that ass on him?)

I must admit, this is not one of his best videos (that bottom is TOO much) but you get the idea of what he is working with!





Is Former Miss USA Kenya Moore A New Atlanta Housewife?

If you would have asked me yesterday, would I’d be interested in a season 5 of The Atlanta Housewives, I probably would have told you no with out a doubt.

That is until I heard from Straight From The A (& Funky Dineva) that former pageant queen, actress and model Kenya Moore might be joining the cast of RHOA replacing Sheree Whitfield. Read more…

#KONY2012Video Is One BIG Scam!

There is ALWAYS two sides to the story!

“Don’t Wag the Dog”

Uganda’s outrage over the Kony 2012 Video:

AFRICOM and InvisibleChildren:



Boo Freakin Hoo Adrienne Bailon…

So if you didn’t know by now, Former 3LW/Cheetah Girl band mate, Adrienne Bailon  had a wardrobe malfunction during a red carpet event in NYC! She has since blamed the WIND for that epic fail she called a dress and NOT wearing panties underneath.

According to Russell ‘I’m An Old Creep’ Simmons, she is devastated..

Read more…

Eyecandy After Dark: Aye Papi! (18 & Over)

This Man is the TRUTH. Some people may not be into uncut men but don’t sleep on them! See MORE after the jump!

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