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In Loving Memory Of Sheeba Starr/ Chrystina “Chrysie” L. Stanford

sheeba starr

I would like to give the folks over at BWN Videos a shoutout for sending me this information.

I must admit that the following post is going to be difficult for me as I didn't know Sheeba Starr in life.  

For those of you, who might not know, she was known in the transgender adult industry. Many people knew her as Chrystina 'Chrysie' L. Stanford (Revlon). 

Ms. Stanford lost her life April 17, 2013 due to a car accident in Austell Georgia. Unfortunately she took the life of another in that accident.  

While researching the internet, I found her Facebook page. She seems like a fun loving, God fearing woman. Someone, who was loved in her community. She is from the house of Revlon. Chrystina, was a born on The lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

Chrystina has impacted my life greatly. She was a woman of class and distinction. I've always looked up to her. Not only was she a great role model for young genetic women and transgendered women, she was a sister, friend, and activist. I have so many memories with her while she was in Baltimore. I never got the opportunity to thank her officially for supporting me and encouraging me. Thank u Chrysie. Thank u for not judging me and thank u for empowering me to live and honor my truth. I love you sister!!! R.I.P. to 1 of the brightest stars I 've had the pleasure to meet and know.- Maddie C

 Sure she was transgender (which to some people, that is such a horrible sin…*rolls eyes*). She was in the adult industry. She probably made bad decisions in life. She even made a terrible decision that ended the life of another. But she was human. We all sin. Some of us sin in public, MOST  sin in secret. All I can say is God is God and he is the final judge. 

I am not here to dispute her life or how she died. I am not God and the two deceased are now at peace. I hope some day, both families will be at peace. My condolences goes out to the Stanford, Revlon, & Sheppard's families during this difficult time.

Her homegoing service will be held tomorrow in Ridgely, Maryland.


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