Finally.."The Reveal"(& 'name change details..)

First, the typical but “atypical” view of me that a few of my fans like: ..and #NoShade, it’s nice,”rubbin”, “touchin”, “munchin”? All goody; I am a confident Total Top and I will actively “enforce” that but always #encourage admirers..wink, wink.. Next? The name change with the “whys & wherefores” Although there has been so much […]

Dear Luckey….

The shit men send me from time to time……..*sigh* Read with this joke sent me after the jump!damn u have a hot ass….i would love to watch a guy with a 9-12″ rod grease up and penetrate that cute boy ass of urs and watch him pile drive his choclate bone deep inisde and explode […]