Isaac Don Burks Might Not Be A Saint..


but he is innocent in this case!

When I read this story, something my spirit told me it was too good to be true. Thanks to Alex (of Black Wrestling Network), my suspicious were right on. The whole story was a hoax!

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Stephawn Gave Me HIV: A Virgin’s Story!


I want my starz to read this story in it's entirety and comment below! 


I met Stephawn, (Real Name: Isaac Burks – Isaac Don Burks), when I was 19 years old. I had just moved to Atlanta from North Carolina to attend Clark Atlanta University. At 19, I was still trying to figure out my sexual orientation. I was still a virgin, because I was raised with traditional values. I was attracted to females, but I was also attracted to men. In fact, my attraction to men was stronger. I desperately tried to fight my attraction to the same sex, because I knew if I gave in that would mean a lifetime as an outcast in my family.


You see, my father was a pastor and my mother was a physician. I came from a very stable background, and my parents were heavily into the church. They controlled everything in my life. They financed my education, sent me money every month, and paid virtually every bill that I had. They wanted to see me succeed in life, and I didn't want to disappoint them.

When I moved to Atlanta I met other gay men who were more comfortable with their sexual orientation. I pulled strength from these men, and bonded with them immediately. They taught me that it was ok to be gay, and that life was too short to live my life for others. Over the next few months my circle started to consist of nothing but gay men. I felt comfortable. I felt that I could express myself without judgement, and…. for the first time ever I felt accepted. As time passed by, I started coming out of the closet a little more each day. At first, I would never attend a gay club because of fear of being outed. My friends eventually talked me into attending a gay club for the first time. I was nervous! You see, I had a sister who attended Spelman College and four other male cousins who attended Clark. The last thing I needed was my family to find out my sexual orientation. That would mean the possibility of my parents cutting me completely off, and they were the ones paying for my tuition, books, and college expenses.

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Luckey's Ding Dong Of The Day!

He got a monster between his legs!

Finally.."The Reveal"(& 'name change details..)

First, the typical but “atypical” view of me that a few of my fans like:

..and #NoShade, it’s nice,”rubbin”, “touchin”, “munchin”? All goody; I am a confident Total Top and I will actively “enforce” that but always #encourage admirers..wink, wink..

Next? The name change with the “whys & wherefores” Although there has been so much speculation, it kills me how many gurlz won’t just read; “reading is fundamental” ya
I’m now featured on hits in 2 weeks; THANK U REALLY 4 ALL the SUPPORT/HATE/CURIOSITY); regardless, as long as you’re talking about me? I’m doing something right and makin Treasure Island a lil mula while I’m at it..#Winning. Yea, I know, u want the link!

Who Says ALL Big Boys Have Small D*cks! (18& Over)

Big boy plays with his monster while girlfriend records!

Too bad he looks like Shrek though.  Because there are some big dudes that are actually cute, and he’s not one of them.

Tyrese Sanders of #teamLuckeyStar

Dear Luckey….

The shit men send me from time to time……..*sigh* Read with this joke sent me after the jump!

damn u have a hot ass….i would love to watch a guy with a 9-12″ rod grease up and penetrate that cute boy ass of urs and watch him pile drive his choclate bone deep inisde and explode leaving a huge gobs of semen up inside u….like he is breeding u for christmas or something. then have another big dicked balck musclec guy follow him up with his 10″ rod real thick and penetrate ur spincter hole and stretch u even wider as he pile drives u even harder and stretches u wider and floods ur insides with his genetic seed as well.   doubling up the chances of their babies taking inside u.
then put a butt plug in u so that none of the 1/2 cup each of semen doesn’t leak out during the night….and take it out in the morning and have ‘em fuck u again dumping 2 more huge loads of baby batter into ur choclate boy pussy.  put that plug back in ya and off u go to work carrying their monster baby loads inside u.   that would be hot….

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