Yung Joc Got Me Feelin’ Some Type Of Way..#LOVEANDHIPHOPATL

I have this thing about seeing my city on television. It's makes me feel proud that I am from Atlanta. I know Atlanta is known for a lot of things but I grew up here. Atlanta is my home. 

With that said, I have been keeping up with Love & Hip Hop ATL and this whole Mimi Faust sex tape scandal. 

Before I go into what I have to say,  I want to give a shout out to Ariane & Benzino..#commonsense #voiceofreason

I am not buying the Mimi Faust sextape bullshit! I believe Nikko allegedly had something to do with that tape getting out.  Mimi is just dick drunk and too blind to see the devil is sleeping in her bed[He can’t fuck either]. The wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition.

Karlie Redd basic ass is still on the show. She is "dating" rapper Yung Joc on the show. If you recall she leaked his dick pic along with her ex Benzino…

Anyway, I gotta say Yung Joc is looking mad sexy. I know he haven't had a hit in ages but I love me a chocolate brotha with some soft lips. He got a nice piece of dick too. The only reason I can't fuck with him is because he entertain chicks like Karlie Redd [and he probably don’t like #boypussy].

 I will never understand why men would even entertain Karlie Redd. Women like her are only insecure because they was once 'that hoe', who did the dirty nasty with  "kept" men. Now that the stiletto is on the other foot, she feelin' insecure. Not to mention, she is "seasoned". #retiredhoe

He needs to dump Karlie Redd and enjoy the single life. She should take Nikko and they both can ride out in to the sunset. But then we wouldn't have a ratchet show so let it ride…

Did you catch that tea Nikko spilled on Stevie J? Apparently Stevie J and Joseline were trying to put a sex tape as well. Personally I would want to see it. Stevie J & Joseline are FREAKS! #Scorpios

That "fight" was hilarious. They reminded me of two lovers fighting outside of Club Rain..

I know this shit was random..

Vivid Producer Steven Hirsch Chats About Mimi & Nikko Sex Tape Deal!

VladTV sat down with Vivid Films executive and adult film producer Steven Hirsch to discuss the details of the recent sex tape released by Love & Hip-Hop stars Mimi Faust and Nikko.

Hirsch explained that a third party who had come into possession of the tape brought it to Vivid, who viewed it and decided it may be worth cutting a deal to distribute. They then did their research on the Love & Hip-Hop stars and invited the couple in for a meeting.

While Nikko was flexible during the meeting, Mimi was very hesitant to release the tape to Vivid, but eventually agreed for an undisclosed amount.

Mimi Faust & Nikko Sex Tape Preview #loveandhiphop

In my opinion, This is not a "sex tape", this is a full on hardcore porn flick.

VH1's Mimi Faust & Nikko star in Vivid sex tape "Scandal in Atlanta" as well as on popular TV show "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The full sextape movie will be released on On April 21st and in stores nationwide on April 29th


@Tpindell Mimi and Nikko Sex Tape (behind the scenes) #loveandhiphop

#LAHH Mimi & “Rapper” Nikko Releases Sex Tape..


When Stevie J's sex tape featuring rapper/ ex girlfriend Eve was leaked, we only got about five seconds of footage and back then, it wasn't exactly cool to have a sex tape out. Fast forward to 2014, Stevie J's baby mama and castmate Mimi Faust releases a sex tape featuring her new boo rapper Nikko (Smith). The sex tape was shot by the couple and currently being distribute by Vivid Entertainment. The flick is set to be released later on this month. 

Check out the official screenshots below..

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