Why Don’t Gays And Lesbians Get Along Better?

Watching the HBO adaptation of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart last month, I was especially moved by the scene where a lesbian shows up to volunteer for GMHC because a friend of hers had died of AIDS and she wanted to do something to help. Not only was it a touching moment, but it powerfully brought back the […]


LegendMen: Jay Garrick Booty Show!

Jay Garrick is a model on LegendMen.com! One of my favorite models on there. He loves to show off his bubble butt! Check it out below.. Related Post Meet Crisp views 29 Normally I don’t like a dude who is full of himself…but at least these dude backed it up… Pornstar CJ Wright views 121 […]


Poll: What’s Your Fetish?!

What kind of fetishes do you get into and would like to see more in porn flicks?? Vote below! Click all that apply to you! What Kind Of Fetishes Do You Want To See In Porn?   Related Post Poll: Should Porn Models Be Hired Based On Chemist… views 5 Let’s face, nothing sucks worse […]


Masculinity Is The Age Old Fetish For Black Gay Men?!

THE FETISHISM OF MASCULINITY WITH BLACK GAY MEN As written by Balwin Bradshaw of Mused Magazine! In the black gay community of men, masculinity is a significant factor of public identity. This is perhaps because of how the black community has responded, historically, to homosexuality. Or perhaps it is due to the deeply ingrained superficial […]