Couples Does It Best!

 Cocky Boi & Arquez….Jovonnie & Citi Boy….Breion Diamond & Prophet…Angyl Valantino & Hot Rod.. In my opinion, I think each and every one of these performers produced their best work when they worked with each other  in their respected flicks. I said this about Jovonnie a while back. He is a total bore outside of […]

Arquez Loses His Mac Pro Laptop…

Arquez recently lost his mac pro laptop.. Some lucky gay flight attendant is going to get his life tonight.. what do you think is in his laptop? Related Post Vintage Arquez Before The Tattoos.. views 122 Arquez was always a hottie to me. I don’t particular care for all those crazy tats on only because I […]

FREE Arquez Burch

Yesterday, I told you guys about Arquez own site "The Arquez Academy". Well one of his fans sent me a message asking if I knew of him being in jail. I figure he meant "Facebook Jail" since Arquez is always on Facebook and he is ALWAYS in Facebook Jail That was until I saw this.. […]

Dear Luckey…That Quick Crackhead Like Porn Fix!

Dear Luckey, I am noticing that a lot of the hottest up and coming adult entertainer come into the game and while they are popular for about  fifteen minutes, they seem to disappear after a few good scenes. Care to share your insight on why that is? Bubble Guts! Related Post Dear Luckey….Why He Stop […]

What’s Going On With The Arquez Academy!?

Thought I would let you guys know about Arquez's latest venture! Related Post The Arquez Academy Is Up And Running! views 39 I swear people think that I don’t like Arquez.. Arquez’s stans think I hate him. I swear I don’t.  One th… Couples Does It Best! views 111  Cocky Boi & Arquez….Jovonnie & Citi […]