Arquez Burch New Boutique (


Arquez Burch is back with a new venture. Apparently he has a new boutique on! If you got those “DILLARDS” pockets, then you probably can afford this stuff..

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Couples Does It Best!


 Cocky Boi & Arquez….Jovonnie & Citi Boy….Breion Diamond & Prophet…Angyl Valantino & Hot Rod..

In my opinion, I think each and every one of these performers produced their best work when they worked with each other  in their respected flicks. I said this about Jovonnie a while back. He is a total bore outside of his flicks with his lover Citi Boy (Is it Citi Boi?). It's no real shade, it's just that he seems to be more alive when he is filming with lover. He is able to open up and let loose. 

Breion Diamond was at his best when he used to film with his then lover Prophet.  Both did good work seperately but it was much MUCH better when they were together.

Personally, I love to watch real life lover fuck on film. The intimacy is there and the chemistry is off the roof. It's like they forget the cameras are even there.  The "wizard" need to bring more of that back.

They loved hard, fucked hard, and hated hard afterwards but the passion was there. 

There is nothing like some black gay love….


Arquez Loses His Mac Pro Laptop…


Arquez recently lost his mac pro laptop..


Some lucky gay flight attendant is going to get his life tonight..

what do you think is in his laptop?

ArQuez Talks Quitting The Porn Business ; Guest Co-Host w/ (@PapiInMiamiFL) Reali-TEA!


You guys didn't know this but I was suppose to guest co-host w/ ArQuez and the crew of Reali-TEA. I wasn't able to do so because I already had a previous engagement. I do plan to be a guest co-host at the end of the month but enough about that.

 Anyway, ArQuez made his first public appearance since his incarceration back in the spring.

The panel talked about everything from the George Zimmerman case to Chris Brown. The crew took advantage of the opportunity and asked him various questions. In the midst of the interview Arquez revealed that althought there are plenty of videos coming in the future, he is no longer shooting any new movies. Check it all out after the jump!

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Eyecandy: Welcome Home Arquez Burch!

Arquez Burch (1)

The hardest working adult entertainer Arquez Burch is FREE & back to claim his spot as one of the hottest versatile porn models in the industry! 

As you know he caught a case a couple months back but as of now he is out of jail and already on the road grinding and making that $$$! 

I am glad the dude is out as of late June/ early July. Now if he can just stay clear away from trouble and stay on his grind! 

You can make a grown man do what he is not ready to do so it will be on him if he gets it right this time! I am just glad he back! You can keep up with Arquez on his Facebook page.

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Dear Luckey….Greetings from South Africa!

Ask Luckey

Awe Jita ( South-African slang),

How  are you mr Luckey? Im Levert,  a 26 year old male from Johannesburg, South-Africa. Im an avid reader and follower of blog. You keep me entertained  and the best part is it keeps my 9 inch dick throbbing. The content of of your work is admirable!

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe… (Evil laugh)

Dont mean to bother but would like to know the following,

*The Life Atlanta any word on when new episodes will be released?

*And just for curiosity what happened to Malo Don, any news of him as of late?

* also didn't Cocky Boi say in a  twitter rant that he is sorry for giving Arquez HIV?  How true was that cause dudes be doing porn still!

* And Jovonnie.. didnt he also professed to be HIV + and i do stand to be corrected…


Lee Steady

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