Soooo Mr. Aralyia Diksukka Is Not In A Coma?


So Aralyia Diksukka, the master dick sucker of them all, has come out of hiding to kill the rumors about him being in a coma


Who would start such a rumor like that? I find that to be extremely sad that someone would be that miserable in their life that they would make up such a story.

At least Mr. Diksukka is alive and well to suck another dick for y'all enjoyment. I hope he got some new clients on the site behind this. Make money bitch!

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    I already said he was never in a coma and he clearly made that rumor up. WHY WOULD SOMEBODY MAKE THAT UP? He is delusional and has issues. Him making money? WHAT MONEY? HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICES ON HIS SITE? SMH #fairytales and #fairy’s


      Do you think he put that on his own site? Maybe he made it cheaper because most of his sites are already all over the internet. I am just assuming..

      • BULLSHIT

        I don’t put nothing pass him! The things he said to me he is unstable MENTALLY. Why days after your post and my comments he all of a sudden responds to “the rumor” SMH He aint fooling me, I been saw through his bullshit. #dontbefooled


    Like somebody else said, there is more to him not just making videos anymore! I don’t got to say much its obvious why he doesn’t.

  • nat

    my response to him has always been eww…well know people who need to put their activities on the net are always suspect of attention whoreism ..until this rumor came about i havent heard about him in yrs. and again i say eeeewwww.

  • Dominique Morgan

    So where did he write that…because all I saw was the fb stat I tweeted to you and he clearly was being shady towards you. He neber tweets so whats the source of the quote? I have interviewed him on my radio show before and although I wouldnt live my life like that its not my business to judge. most of these sissies out here do the same shit.while oosituve…with they sisters husband. Folks are funny

  • Aralyia Sukka