Some Megabody ‘Stale’ Tea..



This is MAD old by the way so I am not late on that but I did miss the short bus on WHO was featured in the video!

Mind you I never remember names but I do remember faces and I remember seeing this video (and bust twice everytime!) and always wondering who this nasty naughty stripper was. I would imagine that he would be my idea partner sexually. Just walk in the room and strip naked and… well you can figure out the rest!

Anyway DawgPoundUSA occasionally features stripper scene (rememberTyson Kobie’s video?). Well a messy queen spilled tea on Myvidster, pointing out that the stripper was actually the infamous MEGABODY among other things:

For those who didn’t know. At one time he was really into girls and has

three kids from a girl I know in the Bronx. He wanted to marry her but

there was some difficulty in his moral script as to whether he wanted to

be with her or be at Stella’s stripping for gay men in downtown

Manhattan. He was never in denial and always knew what he wanted; which

was FAME and to be with another man; but was closeted. Rumor has it that

at one time he was the lover of actor-dancer Gene Anthony Ray [Leroy in

the MGM motion picture FAME with Debbie Allen] and because of a

break-up, it drove him remorsefully into the dance world as if to

compete with Ray, who obviously was the better dancer. His book helped

him to realize where he should be and where he was going. I must say,

that he was part of that notorious group of male strippers who stripped

for females in New York City and had the privilege to be in the fluffing

rooms with the likes of Flava, Rodney St. Cloud, Hershey, Buttacious,

Punisher, and the rest of those fabulous male strippers of the 80’s that

ran the strip clubs in NYC.

LOL. MEGABODY is on fb as Tahjaleenie Tahji . NOT his real gov but 1 he made up & I think legally changed his name 2. He lives in Brooklyn & is still stripping. He has several women & men claiming 2 be in a relationship with him. He’s claiming 2 be in a relationship with some girl who just moved 2 ATL but yall know how escort/strippers/ bi-sexual porn stars do. He also did a straight porn (orgy) but the straight porn world wasn’t using him. His dick don’t stay hard without a cockring & niggas don’t wanna share pussy wit him cuzza his rainbow past & cuz he’s a drama queen in his straight porn. He still lies 2 women & says he USED 2 get wit men 4 money but is really attracted 2 women. Still loves 2 get fucked & fingered & makes women fuck him which is why they won’t commit. I know 4 people that have fucked him. 1 female & 3 guys. He got some good ass & looks good 2 be almost 50. Still a HOT MESS & a waste. Would love 2 see him stop fronting & bottom on cam!

Most exotic dancers are in fact bisexual so it’s not uncommon to dance at both gay and female clubs (or star in ‘alternative’ videos).

MEGABODY knows what he likes but won’t admit it ‘professionally’! Whatever the case, I STILL love the video! Dudes almost 50 and still looks good! #DADDYALERT