Some Interesting Tea On Mr. Diksukka!


Earlier this morning, I found out that Diksukka is allegedly in a coma after one of his 'co-stars' found out about his videos and beat him up.

Well another blogger, who shall remain nameless, had this to say..




  1. Allegedly I think there’s more to his story then just randomly getting jumped. I CANT SAY ANYTHING ELSE ON THAT but put two and two together and we’re be on the same page. UM YEAH he seemed to not care really, I argued with him on the whole matter but his mind set was else where (maybe tricking his next victim) thats not even the worse part, he told me he just randomly meets those men off the street and they “come to him” out of the blue? To be honest I don’t even believe the whole coma rumor as CRAY he sounded when I spoke to him, I bet that was his way of telling people he can’t do it anymore because of _________ YEAH! Giving oral sex can’t give disease or STDS right? RIGHT!!! CRAZY! This is the same guy who “in the middle of his video” spoke about giving his cousin oral sex EVERYDAY and how he loved to suck his big dick. I mean he seems very unstable to me it was just completely weird. He was completely socially weird and the whole thing was just awkward. I got so much more but out of respect for him I won’t disclose anything else.

    1. Oh no, DO SHARE, lol! I chatted with him on Yahoo IM several years ago and he and I got into a minor disagreement. Even though he blocked all of the guys in his videos faces out, it still doesn’t negate the fact that he videoed people WITHOUT their consent, which is a big NO NO.

      1. YOU TOO?! SMH this man truly is a lost cause, I felt so sorry for him after hearing his past and shit. I told him what would happen and he laughed it off. I heard he was messing with a very popular rapper. But you didn’t hear that from me HA HA!!! He even went out his way to prove to me that he didn’t need money (his cheap ass videos 5.99 STUPID RIGHT?) cause in his words “he has famous clients” LOL that boy is a joke I’m still not surprised that he made it as far as he did with those videos. Oh and if the guys had wives and girl friends as he claimed (they was street dudes his words) it wasn’t his issue!!!!! -_- LIKE THIS IS WHY HIV IS RAPID IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY HE HAS NO SHAME IN HIS GAME.

    2. I take this story with a grain of salt. To be honest, i think he caught an STD not a beat down. With regards to his attitude, i can attest to it. I’ve had a few verbal encounters with the guys. He’s curt and sassy. The slightest comment that could perceived as inarticulate could trigger a snide response from the guy. If he is in a coma, i wish him a speedy recovery. But I was under the assumption the tricks (not trades) in his videos were aware they were being recorded. If there were unaware of his motives, and he made a profit, then he screwed up royally.

  2. Oh lets not forget him NEVER using protection and swallowing cum like a cum-bucket in over 100 videos by 100 different men, TRASHY! He told me he never tested those men before doing anything, then he goes to the next one and sucks him off without protection. PEOPLE WAKE UP YOU FOLLOW THIS MAN’S TRACKS AND YOUR END UP REGRETTING IT. THE STREETS IS REAL AND YOUR HEALTH IS NOT WORTH THE RISK FOR FIVE DOLLARS AND SOME PENNIES WORTH OF VIDEOS.

  3. LMFAO…it doesn’t cease to amaze me the depths of faggotry fags will stoop to because they’re unhappy…but I guess someone has to do it! In a coma?! Wow!!! I’d never even joke that has happen to someone–so be careful who ever started that one…karma’s a bitch! But, it’s all good–I love da hate…just keeps me smiling and sucking dick even fiercer!! Muah!

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