Runnin’ And Cryin’ Over A Three Inch Dick On Hard… » The Luckey Star

Runnin’ And Cryin’ Over A Three Inch Dick On Hard…

Some dudes aren't meant to be bottoms…Click here if the video won't play!



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7 Responses to Runnin’ And Cryin’ Over A Three Inch Dick On Hard…

  1. Jondaris Yungflyfreshdope Jack

    his voice was sexy af lol but that stroke was weak along with the d

  2. he was banging him while his ASS was BLEEDING tho…OMG that is sooooooo not safe & he asked him not to CUM in him & the dude said HE WAS lmao SMDH we have go to be more CAREFUL!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, a lot of dudes aren’t supposed to be bottoms at all…

  4. Luv2jack Mydick

    I like new booty bottoms, you know they not fucking anyone else , but yea that bloody shit not cool, lost my hard on quick

    • RIGHT ON…that blood shit is sooooo not cool. I’ve fucked the same dude for 12 years & would NEVER do shit like this!!!!

  5. The top’s voice was sexy I thought this was good…until the blood lol

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