Thug Seduction: Freakzilla & Prince Creamz #Flashback
September 24, 2013
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Freakzilla Deigo & Prince Creamz #flashback courtesy of Thug Seduction!

Attention Whores/Wannabes
Eyecandy: Mr. Buford aka The Youtube Bodybuilder!
September 24, 2013


I forgot his old Youtube channel but the infamous C. Buford is well known for dancing in his underwear, while singing off key. If Chance (I Love New York fame) & Ginuwine had a crack baby, it would be Mr. Buford!

Check him out over the years and if you know some tea SPILL it below!


Big Dicks
Eyecandy: The Bragger
September 24, 2013

He wants everybody to see it…

All You Can Peek FREE Cam Shows On Chaturbate!
September 23, 2013
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If you are type that like to pay for quality cam models, then Flirt4Free is for you…

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I just checked out one of my favorites.  His sn is Tripthelight69 and he just shot a HUGE load and I paid absolutely nothing to watch it!

He says he will be back online tonight, so make sure you check him out!

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source model:tripthelight69 on Chaturbate!

Eyecandy: Trey Turner Cakes!
September 23, 2013

Trey Turner

I know some people like to read Trey Turner on his teeth but I like him. You can fix teeth and we know the industry don't pay that damn well. He got a nice phatty as well. I love to see him bottom but he is a good top too!

Some fun facts about Trey Turner: 

  • He is of Asian/Latino decent
  • He has actually been in the business for over 5 years!
  • He cites Sean Xavier, Matthew Rush, & Robert Axel as some of his favorite co-stars!

TXL: Tell me about one of the funniest moments you had on a set.


Trey: I remember one time that there was lube.. I think on the ground and was left there …I do not know how the lube got there maybe from my butthole, but it was on the ground. I turned around to grab some water or something and my foot just slipped right from under me. I came crashing right to the ground. No one was watching thank goodness. I got up brushed it off went right back to the set.


Big Dicks
Eyecandy: No Worries Meat.
September 23, 2013
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Dreadz (5)

Found these pics on the net. Does anyone know his name?