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I introduced you guys to Demencio yesterday and it ruffled a few feathers. I got some interesting emails and have read some comments. I also read the comments over at his channel.

One thing about this blog, I allow my starz to express themselves. As long as you keep it mature and don't disrespect others, I allow you to speak to your truth.

Now that everyone has spoken their truth, I am going to speak mines.

I knew when I decided to do a post on Demencio, it was going to cause a stir.  I knew some people were going to feel some type of way. They are human and they have the right to feel however they want to feel.

I said this in my other post, I celebrate individuality. I get a kick out of people, who are not afraid to be their true selves. I am attracted to people who aren't afraid to be different and unique. I find that to be sexy.

Anyway, back to Demencio…

I read comments in which they say that he was making fem queens/transgender women look bad. He was making the gays look bad. He was making black people look bad. He was making the men look bad….blah blah blah. I believe that as long as you have a mouth and a brain, NOBODY can make you look bad but yourself. 

Another black man can never make me look bad. Another gay man could never make me look bad. I respresent my own self. Nobody can speak for me or even compare me to somebody else. 

As a gay black man, I would love to see more people gay or straight or inbetween, come out and express their truth selves. Tell society to go fuck themselves and live out loud.  There is nothing better than finding inner peace and living your truth. We as gay people and transgender know what that's about but too damn afraid…

This artist is one person who choose to wear heels in a photoshoot. Some call it fashion, some call it a statement. Some are calling it shameful. 

In all honesty, there are WAY bigger fish out there to fry. This dude wearing heels…a piece of fuckin' garment…is not a big issue unless you allow it to be. He is not hurting anybody.

Genderbending…or genderfucking has been around for centuries. Don't believe me? Why don't you ask Prince (who wears heels and makeup to this day), Lil Richard, Sylvester, Grace Jones, Rupaul (who was a genderfuck queen before she went glam.), Boy George, Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Lady Gaga KANYE WEST……

And then you have the queens such as Derek J. & Miss Lawrence, who are catching flack for wearing women's clothing. WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG DEAL?  They weren't the first to do it and there are PLENTY of other men out there, who are rockin' it….B Scott…Dollface Barbie….I could go on and on but I ain't got that kind of time.

These people are not hurting anybody with what they do. It's all just clothing and dirt (makeup). When you die, you can't take NONE of that mess with you.  

There was a time where women could not wear pants or cut their hair past their ears. Men weren't allowed to wear earrings.  Remember when men wore daisy dukes shorts to play basketball? Hell even today, men are wearing skin tight pants (skinny jeans) now and putting all kinds of dyes and makeup on their faces. Earring in BOTH ears…diamond studs. Are they making us look bad? I'm just saying, this dude wearing heels in a photoshoot is not shameful nor does it takes away from his art.

Prince wears heels AND at one point wore a jumpsuit with his ass out. He got some flack but look at where he is today…


Not to mention, Fashion in general changes EVERYDAY. What is gay yesterday is a statement today and a fashion trend tomorrow.

I find it sad that some people in  the gender non-conforming community are so closed minded and buying into overall society's rules. You have to look a certain way to be accepted. The black community is guilty of this slave mentality as well.

I thought WE were the innovators? 

Rupaul said it best. We were ALL born naked, the rest is drag. This is how Demencio wants to express himself. Only he can truly express his own reasons behind what he do. I applaud him for taking a chance at being different. This kind of attention is exactly what he probably wanted. Get people talking. 

I am not writing all of this to say that one is wrong for how they feel or what they believe in. I am just speaking my truth based on experience in life and observation. There are SO many talented individuals out there who are too afraid to step out and be themselves because they are afraid that they will be shunned or shamed. 


LIVE YOUR LIFE MOTHERFUCKER! Stop worrying about what might make you look a certain type of way. It's all shit you can't take with you when you leave this earth anyway. If it ain't killing a small kitten somewhere, DO YOU BOO!  Love HARD and live to the fullest. 

If I had it my way, we would ALL be naked.  I mean we were born that way..


This is just my opinion..

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