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New Music: Marck Angel (@MarckAngel) ft Kaoz (@Kaoz612) “Positions”
November 12, 2013
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From Pop/R&B OUTMusic artist Marck Angel's highly anticipated album, "AngelDust" is the brand new, visually stunning music video and re-mastered tracking for the LP's official lead single, "Positions" featuring rapper Kaoz.


Breed It Raw: The Seduction Of Woo Review
November 12, 2013
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I love me some Woo & Seduction. I was excited when I found out they would be doing  scene together. 

Boy was I disappointed..

The scene was boring to be brutally honest. The kitchen concept reminded me of Arquez's scene with Vyson. It looked cramped and uncomfortable. I almost fell asleep during the first half of the scene. It was so damn quiet, I could hear a roach piss in the corner.

Who is giving these model direction? Woo looked bored and disinterested and poor Seduction did his best to make the scene better but that sucking and licking the dick for five mins in silence was DRY.

Seduction's scene with Drilla was much better.  Seduction need a power top to fuck him. He needs someone who is aggressive and won't hold back. Seduction can take dick and I love seeing that phat yellow bubble butt get fucked (the right way of course). I want to see him bust splits and put his feet behind his ears. Shit like that..

Woo was not it for Seduction. 

Maybe a very intense flip fuck scene would have been better or different concept..I don't know.

Again this is no shade to Woo or Seduction personally but the scene could have been much better. 

Apparently there is a part 2 so stay tuned for that…

Adult Industry Pornstars
Remy Mars (@ReMality) & Carlito (@Lust_4_Carlito) Meet & Greet @ Southern Nights Bookstore #ATL
November 12, 2013
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Picked up one of my favorite copies of FENUXE and found out black gay porn vet Remy Mars & Carlito will be doing a meet and greet @ Southern Nights 11/16/2013. 

Considering that Remy Mars is the head honcho in NYC, I am assuming Black Rayne (Breed It Raw) is behind all of this.

Oh well if you are in ATL, make sure you guys stop by and show love to Remy Mars & Carlito..

Porn Gifs
Rico Strong Reveals The Secret To Getting A Bigger Donk!
November 12, 2013

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That Rico Strong is an interesting character but I love the mess out of him. Say what you want and feel how you feel but he knows the business and plays it well.

Anyway one of my starz asked me if I knew where I could find the actual footage and my best advice would be to contact CoochieGucci.

I don't believe women really care about a man having a phat ass but I will go with it for the sake that it's Rico Strong.

As for the bread & noodles theory, he might be on to something. I tend to eat a lot of starch and I gain a lot of weight in my own ass.  Of course you still gotta do squats and it depends on your body makeup. 

Stay tuned as I will be looking for the video!

Happy Birthday Remy Mars (@Remality)
November 11, 2013


The Luckey Star & company would like to wish Remy Mars a very special happy birthday!

He turns 26 today! Tweet him @Remality!

ATL Fuck Session Part Uno
November 10, 2013
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ATL Freaks Session brought to you by PornHub

Hot raw threesome..