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Rapper Chingy Claims Sidney Starr Ruined His Career…


Chingy spoke with VladTV about the past false accusations set against him, alleging that he had once engaged in a relationship with known transsexual Sydney Starr. Chingy explained how he simply took a friendly picture with Starr during a show that he and Ludacris were performing at in Chicago, and two years later she came out with the wild accusations that they were intimate with one another. He spoke on how damaging her lie was to his career, and how he "lost a record deal" over the false image she painted of him. 

Even though she later admitted the claims of being in a relationship with him were all a lie, the damage was already done on a professional level. However, Chingy harbors no ill will in his heart, and believes that karma will come to find Sydney Starr one day.

Notice when he said that he become a bit homophobic because of this situation. #CAUSEANDEFFECT

Mimi Faust & Nikko Only Made How Much For That Sex Tape?!


So everyone has been talking about this "sex tape" of Mimi Faust & her boyfriend Nikko.  You won't believe how much they got paid…

Acording to  Hollywood Life that MiMi and Nikko alledgedly sold their sex tape to Vivid for $100k.

That means, they will only get about 60-70k after taxes. which means they walked away with 30-35 thousand each.  Mind you, they will never see a dime more either. #NORESIDUALS #NOREVENUE

They could have made WAY more money on their own. They didn't need Vivid Entertainment to sell a sex tape. They could have waited til the series premiered and pimp that tape out on their own. If people REALLY wanted to see it, they WILL pay for it. 

Do you know how much Vivid Entertainment is going to make off of this sex tape for years to come (although it won't be Kim K/ Paris Hilton numbers)? Maybe it's me but if I am going to be doing pushups on a shower rod and letting some trade fuck me silly, I want to be able to make money off of it for the rest of my life, not get paid a measly 100k. You can spend 100k in ten seconds. They got played..

Hershey (@quanjai2) & Kameo (@kameo_model ) Flirts With Leather In New Photo Shoot!


Luckeys Boyz alumnus Hershey & Kameo is back with a hot new photoshoot. We get to see them flirt with leather. I really love the chemistry in these photos. It's obvious that these two hunk make a great pair. 

Look out for Hershey in the coming months as you will be seeing more of him courtesy of Kameo Entertainment & Luckey's Boyz!

Kameo currently has a scene out courtesy of Thug Seduction. You can vote for him here!

More pics coming soon!

Our Favorite Hypeman Is #Packin’


Dear Luckey….People Who Were Born HIV Positive & Androgyny

Dear Luckey,

My name is Jaé. I'm twenty-five years regal (lol!) and I've been seeing you around (the internet that is) and stopped by your website for the first time and initially admired it as a writer/blogger myself; as well as a gay man. I've seen that you touched on many subjects surrounding gay black men &/or gay men in general. I would like to see you touch on topics of androgynous men & people who are perinatal HIV+ (Those who contracted HIV while in the womb or during birth) such as myself.
I contracted HIV while in the womb from by birth mother and was abandoned & neglected afterwards as an infant. By the grace of god; he gave me a loving home & family. When telling those who are seriously interested in me about my status; they don't critique me like they would if it was someone who caught it by other circumstances. But when I do tell guys, it's still a flip of the coin because you just never know what response you'll get; but it taught me to accept rejection and be happy that I gave someone a choice. My question for you is; do you feel like those who are perinatal HIV+ are given some slack due to the fact that they didn't have a choice or say so? Mind you HIV/AIDS campaigns don't talk about people like me because we aren't "at risk" when I believe otherwise.
As far as me being androgynous. I had a rough time with finding my identity, my image during my pre-teen years. My family tried to suppress it but It made me rebelled even more. I tried to be masculine just to fit in & be accepted but found myself being uncomfortable, awkward & unhappy. I've always had very strong feminine attributes mentally & physically but I still recognized that I'm a man at the end of the day. I found out that I was androgynous by watching a video by MalibuDollface 
And after watching that video something clicked and I embraced being androgynous quickly & whole-heartedly; something just made sense to me in my spirit; it's so hard to explain it. God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he? 
After realizing that I'm an androgynous feminine man; I was so happy that I expressed it to my friends. My friend (who's 30 y/o & newly out) and I had an intense debate about me asking dudes if they're attracted to people like me who are feminine &/or androgynous. He knows that I'm bluntly honest. My friend was basically saying that I shouldn't ask people those questions and I should just let it show. But when he first met me he thought I was a woman and so I didn't quite understand his logic. I said to him that I've had too many people who came into my life and acted like they were attracted to me or even interested. I want to make sure that the next person that comes along is attracted & interested in me in its entirely and not just taking advantage of me. I also said to him that it's easy for him to attract dudes because he has way more of a masculine appeal that I do and that people take advantage of people like me because we are viewed as "weak" & "dainty". After that debate we haven't talked since; it's been months since we last talked.
My question to you regarding androgyny is do you think androgynous people will become humbly accepted in the gay black community? I do but I believe that it will take a very long time being that black gay people as a whole are so closed off to something new, different and/or unusual.
Thank you for your time Luckey!
P.S. feel free to make this into more than one topic because it's long, sorry.

Dear Jae,

Thank you for writing me and sharing your story. I must say the questions were definitely refreshing and quite challenging but I will give it my best. 

First of, let me say that I grew up the ghetto of ATL [Allen Temple #WESTSIDE] back in the late 80s and early 90s. I remember when the crack hit the streets and people were turning up with AIDS due to drug use. I remember my neighbor upstairs had AIDS and so did her newborn daughter. I didn’t understand then how could a baby have AIDS. I just assume it was just a virus and you took meds to get over it. I was a kid. Years later, I remember running into an old friend and he revealed to me that he was HIV positive. I intially thought he contracted  by the usual [sex, drug use etc] but the truth was his mother had full blown AIDS when she had him as the father. He was born with the virus.  

 Aside of my friend and my  experience, I really haven't heard of those, who were born with the virus or  got it through a blood transfusion. They tend to target gay [men of color], black women and trans-gender people because we have the highest rates. You rarely hear a story about a person who was born with it [although there are plenty of advocates out there]. I understand the late Ryan White is probably the most notable.  There is definitely a whole lot more out there.

I think we need to provide more info on the subject. As I admitted before, even I would assume that if a person was HIV positive, he probably got it from sex or drug use. I don't stop think that maybe he was born with it or  got it from a blood transfusion. We shouldn't judge these people or be afraid of them. I do think people are becoming more educated on the subject of HIV. They are becoming more tolerant. I do feel like we need to continue educating the masses. 

As for the subject of androgyny, I am very much aware of that blessing. I am big fan of Dollface and many like him thanks to Youtube. My favorite book of all time is Rupaul's "Letting It All Hang Out", which is an autobiography of his life.  He said "you are born naked, the rest is drag".  So every piece of clothing you put on is YOUR drag. Society [ The MAN ]determines what is feminine and what is masculine and over the course of life, those rules often changes. 

I believe that people, who blessed with androgynic characteristics is a blessing and a curse.  

It's a blessing because you are able to channel both your masculine and feminine traits with ease. It's a curse because many people, will not understand you and will fear you because of it.  Personally I love it. I love change and you never know what you are going to get with them. As with anything in life, it takes time. 

I think with people like Rupaul, Lil Richard, Anne Lennox, Grace Jones, Prince just to name a few, they are constantly changing the world.  And it's not just celebrities, people like DollFaceBarbie, C. Maddox, B. Scott, Miss Lawrence, Derek J & Bjorn Duphot are doing a good job in opening up people's minds.  

I believe you should live in your truth. Be your authentic self that God made you to be. The right people, who deserves to be in your life will come along when they need to.  


So This Pic Isn’t Rapper Snoop Dogg Dick Pic After All..


For years people thought this dick pic was from Snoop. Well turns out, it's not him at all. Skip to 98:40 in this video..

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