Power T Got Cakes!
November 27, 2013

You might have seen him on Papithugz. One of the sexiest bottoms on that site.

Well I manage to score some exclusive pics of Power T & that phatty courtesy of Takeyrpictr. Don, who is an aspiring photographer is looking for models of all sorts to shoot. 

For a photo session or more information, email Don at [email protected]!

Expect to see more exclusive photos in the future!

Kanye The Drama Queen!
November 27, 2013

I always thought Kanye was an honorary queen so I find it fitting to talk about him.

Now I used to be a fan of Kanye's music. This was before Amber Rose and his new chick Kim K. This was back his Late Registration days. 

Now days, I find him to be extremely narcissistic and disturbed.

Long story short, this man is clearly battling his demons before our eyes.

Anyway he recently did an interview with one of my favorite personality Sway from when asked why he won't empower himself instead of begging corporations to back him. Naturally dude went nuts.. (17:00 mark)

What is ironic, he went on the Breakfast Club radio show and Charlamagne asked him this same question and he didn't go off the radar. I am sure Charlamage would have checked him right there..


Kanye has always been a firecracker but between the fame & his mother's passing, Kanye has been a total mess and I really don't see it ending well for him.

Nothing Kanye is saying is "genius". It's not even half-way intelligent. He is going off on all these nonsensical rants because he needs to be medicated. He can't even answer a direct question without rambling on for 5 minutes at a time, going from A-Z all in one sitting.

He sounds like the crazy guy on the train, not some deep philosopher or social critic. Actually, he reminds me of the spoof Damon Wayans used to do on In Living Color with the prison inmate talking nonsense dropping big words every 2 seconds.

I mean that with all due respect because I really do think he needs serious help…either that or a serious spanking

I though I was crazy…

Big Dicks
Thick Hairy Latino Tease!
November 27, 2013
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Arquez New Tattoo..
November 26, 2013


Arquez posted a pic of his new tattoo. Personally I will never understand today's generation and eccessive tattoos.

I like the tat but wish it was a tad smaller. It looks like he got a big hole in the middle of his stomach. 

What do you think?

The Muscle Butt..
November 26, 2013
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Basic Bitches Fuckin’ To Basic Music!
November 26, 2013
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