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Jowork’s (@MrJoWork) Video Release Event!
September 18, 2014


Atlanta’s own artist Jowork is having a video release party here next month. The video was shot for

single “Don’t Tell” remix!

Yours truly was on set and even made a cameo in the upcoming video. You can get the info in the flyer above! If you are in the ATL area, you should come out and support him before you hit up the clubs!

With Luckey in the building, I am sure it will be a night to remember! See ya there!

Super Cum Shooter!
September 18, 2014


Sometime It’s Not The Models Fault…
September 18, 2014

Because of my currently position in this industry, I often forget that the average person doesn’t know the ins and outs of the adult industry. They only get to see the fun stuff, not really knowing the tea.

Sometimes I feel like they could be hard on the models. Ace Rockwood is a prime example of this. Often gettin’ shit for not sucking dick in certain scenes among other things.

So often I would hear comments like ” He should have sucked the dick” or “why didn’t he cum in his ass”.

In most cases, models rarely have control on what they can do on set. If a producer have specific instructions on what he want to feature in a flick, the model has to go along with it. Also depending on the pay rate, the models will only do so much. If the studio is paying more money (and testing their models), they are likely to do more in flicks.

Aside from that, not every studio test their models so after gaining senority in the business, a model can request not perform certain acts if he is not feeling it. I mean if you knew for a fact that your scene partner has herpes, would you want to suck his dick?


ParTy & Bullshxt…
September 18, 2014


Imagine seeing your reflection, and can’t believe what you see
In a place that you wished you would never be
The future’s unclear
The fear
Moving nearer
And you don’t recognize the one you see in the mirror
And it got you wondering
Crazy feelings end up fucking with your judgement
It’s fair to say you had no worries in the earth
Moving through life not worried ’bout your worth
You bullshit and party
Party, pull shit
Always scheming, always hustling, you know hood shit
Fuck it you ain’t care
Fuck ‘em if you dare
Sex a little here..


Big Dicks Underwear
Hot Jamaican With A Big Dick Does The Stupid Ice Bucket Challenge
September 18, 2014


Sex Talk
Is It Normal For Men To Want To Have Sex With Plenty Of People?! #AlexyssKTylor
September 17, 2014

Alexyss K. Tylor speaks on the truth about men with high sex drive among other things..



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