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Jason Fitness (@IamJasonFitness)
September 20, 2014

Jason Fitness (3)

Jason Fitness (he goes by a different porn name but I forget) is a personal trainer, exotic dancer, and an aspiring porn star.

Check out his gallery after the jump! (more…)

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Introducing Mike Longwinded aka “Euro” Jordan (@Mdotducketts)! #Taggaz
September 19, 2014


As usual, I have the best star detectives on the net. Not even an hour ago, I was talking about Steel and new model “Euro” new scene on Taggaz. Shoutout to SeventysBaby for the tip..

Well turns out he is also an exotic dancer and cam model. He is 28 by the way! If you want to know more about him, make sure you follow him on Twitter! Check out his gallery after the jump! (more…)

#Taggaz: “Euro” & Steel
September 19, 2014
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No shade to any of the current performers on Taggaz but there hasn’t been anyone that has manage to catch my attention.

Steel is cool as usual. Probably of the best versatile kats on Taggaz and in general. You can’t go wrong with dark chocolate.

Euro is one sexy muthafucka from Texas. Not sure of his actual age but I would think he would be in his 30s (maybe late 20s)! Regardless of his age, dude is fuckin’ hot. He reminds me of Floyd Mayweather which is not a bad thing in my eyes. He is versatile too!
I haven’t seen the scene yet. I am sure I will catch it by the end of the weekend. The scene is currently available on Taggaz. In the meantime, check out the preview.. (more…)

Blind Items
Blind Item: Tagged In Blood!
September 19, 2014


I haven’t spilled some tea in a great while but this tea must be anonymous!

This is the tale of two lovers in the adult industry. You might have seen them on the urban porn site known for it’s versatility and condom based scenes.

You probably where the two have been in the last six months. Let’s just say there was a lover’s quarrel that ends up with “O” stabbing “T” several times. “O” ends up in the slammer and “T” goes into hiding to heal.

Well “T” recently made an appearance on the urban porn site and there is even rumors that “O” will be making his comeback in the coming weeks..

Stay tuned…

Happy Birthday Staxx (@OfficialStaxx)
September 19, 2014


Staxx is a lesser known adult performer in the industry (Breed It Raw) but this sexy kat is still worth talking about. With his slim athlete build and soup cooler lips….and let’s not forget that big long chocolate magic stick of his, he deserve some love from the star!

Tomorrow he will be celebrating his birthday! Make sure you follow him and tweet him your well wishes!

Happy Birthday Staxx!

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Jowork’s (@MrJoWork) Video Release Event!
September 18, 2014


Atlanta’s own artist Jowork is having a video release party here next month. The video was shot for

single “Don’t Tell” remix!

Yours truly was on set and even made a cameo in the upcoming video. You can get the info in the flyer above! If you are in the ATL area, you should come out and support him before you hit up the clubs!

With Luckey in the building, I am sure it will be a night to remember! See ya there!