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Mr. Footlong..


I'm sure you have seen his videos on Myvidster. He claim he only do them for the ladies but you know they really just do it for attention in general. Anyway check out his pics after the jump!



8 Responses to Mr. Footlong..

  1. Yeah, right…”for the ladies!” That’s what they always say when their pics n vids go viral and they can’t do jack about it.

  2. He’s very good looking but I don’t understand why guys shave all their body hair. You spend all your childhood waiting to grow some hair on your nuts only to turn 20 and shave it all off.

    He must go to that same Asian lady that does Kim K’s pussy and ass crack. I don’t see a single hair follicle.

  3. The ladies won’t be able to handle that sword, like a man can. If he is str8, it won’t be long before he’ll tear that fence down to catch the A-train to bros before hoes land.

  4. His name is Travis. Lives in Virginia Beach, VA. I’ve got a clip of him smashing a chick raw, but doubt you can upload more than pictures as replies on here.

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