The Misconception Of Matthew Rush..

Matthew Rush has long "retired" from the porn business and goes by Greg.

I remember seeing his face on the cover of a gay adult magazine. I don't remember the name of it but I do remember it was really big ass magazine. Anyway, I remember see him on the cover. Keep in mind this was in the early 00s. He was probably one of the most successful porn stars of that time.

At that particular time, it didn't dawn on me that he was biracial. I just thought he was a sexy white dude with ethnic features.

It wasn't until years later, I learned that he was in fact biracial. 

Aside from that there were rumors that Matthew Rush refused to work with men of color.  For years he was plagued with this nasty rumor.

Of course Falcon, the studio he was exclusively signed to at the time, was matching Matthew Rush with white men and they market him as a white.It wasn't until recently that he revealed that he wanted to work with men of color. 

 In fact he did work for Ebony D (now NextDoorEbony) and DawgpoundUSA. He also cited Robert Axel as his favorite co-star. As a matter of fact, his scene with Cornbread is probably one of my all time favorites.

So it was not that he didn't want to work with men of color, it was just the circumstances at the time. Of course, this is still going on in the industry.  One thing I know for sure is the industry does not cater to the overall black community. They never really have and probably never will.

As for Matthew Rush, he is now a personal trainer and lives in New Orleans.