Mike Mann (Fitzgerald Scott) Has Officially Stepped Into The Dark Side!

Mike Mann

Looks like Mike Mann is the new gay 4 pay victim player on the scene. First he did solo work for Masquerade Men, then there was that jerk off session with Ace Rockwood, now some random loosey goosey bottom has stepped up to take the dick.

Not sure how I feel about the scene. Yes  I do…

The entire scene was extremely uncomfortable and boring.

Kudos to Mysterio for stepping up and taking the dick for the team (I wonder how much they paid him?) Personally they should have got a gutter butt like Trapboyy or Carlito to do the job.  Where was Remy or Shorty?

The scene is about 2.5 out of 5 stars!

What do you think of the scene?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/robkn79 Robbie Nelson

    When i first saw this, I was shocked as hell! lol

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      I was extremely disappointed..

      • http://alturl.com/3pdpv Davon-11

        no going back for him he might as well continue, plus “seeming” gay went out the window when he stuck his dick in

        • slap04

          first of all, he used to nude model he has a portfolio on modelmayhem which he tried to make private and said he was straight & didnt want guys hitting him up besides professional things.. he took pics for some old ass white lady and had the same dumb expression in each shot. His earlier work was better now he looks dead behind the eyes that drug thing seems a bit true, IMO.. His dick is unreal he got it measured on that doctor vid where he was jerked off & it was like 11.5 inches hard! I watch everything he’s in, I’d never pay though and I think he’s more uncomfortable being FILMED than fucking guys bc I never understand “gay for pay” how the fuck does dawgpound & Papithugz pay more for gay films than Bangbros or a white straight site pays? That makes no sense & I think its an excuse for DL men to assuage themselves.

          • http://blkindependent.blogspot.com/ kayman

            Don’t worry, what you said is so true. It is a guise for closeted/DL guys to cope with their sexuality.

  • http://twitter.com/TyvantGarde Tyrone Knight-Morgan

    I don’t want to see Trappboyy in anything. He’s gross, and not at all sexy.

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      At least he would have took the dick with ease..

      • http://twitter.com/TyvantGarde Tyrone Knight-Morgan

        You know how I feel about no ass men. Ugh, and loose holes are disgusting.

  • Smitty

    His scenes would be so much better if he even looked remotely interested in what he was doing. He’s just…there.

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      Poor thing. He should stick to nude modeling or something..

    • Price

      Dido! Scott Raz is cute, has a nice body and all, but, good grief, he is a bore.

      • http://alturl.com/3pdpv Davon-11

        poor thing people look at him from his dick up, remove his dick and there really is nothing to look at than say ‘nice body’

  • http://www.facebook.com/bwnvideo alex arias

    I actually think some of the disinterest can be attributed to the I’m not gay thing; I’d hate to appear into it and, you know, have people thinking I’m gay. Lol But if you’re gonna do something you might as well do it with gusto. Unless maybe they thought the disinterested thing would seem macho, but yeah, no…

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      He was not comfortable at all. It showed through and the audience sees it. He might as well come wrestle for you or something. I would rather see that..LOL Some nude wrestling in body oil!

      • http://www.facebook.com/bwnvideo alex arias

        Maybe he’ll come back and do some more; we were the first thing he did on video and I found his beatdown hotter; we asked him back last year and he said he was trying to steer clear of “that kind of thing” which I took to mean adult or quasi adult stuff, but now…

        • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

          Now his dick has the potential to beatdown some booty and he fell short. He just need the right image and studio to back him up.

  • nyhotshotta

    It was boring, I’m tired of this gay for pay fantasy there’s so many better looking dudes who would be into it and make the scene better.

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      Black gay porn is dying a rapid death. Where have all the good talents gone. i am officially bored!

      • nyhotshotta

        They left to become escorts smh

    • http://alturl.com/3pdpv Davon-11

      he’s not ugly and his attitude is not on par with his looks, he’s not an 8,9 or 10 so the attitude needs to tone wayy down.

      • nyhotshotta

        Doesn’t matter if he was a 10 they need to stop hiring gay for pay.

  • DreDre

    I chuckled…He did not want to touch ol’ boy in any way…but was chewing the hell out of that gum LOL

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  • madangel

    a major disappointment. . stick to modeling and j.o. videos

  • Dave

    I watches for a couple of minutes and turned it off. I’ve seen men more into taking a piss than he was. And the bottom tried so hard but it didn’t help. smdh

  • Cee

    I didn’t bother to watch the whole thing. I had enough of this “gay 4 pay” bullshit. Gay porn has bore me since 2008. zero star out of five stars it gets from me. Please to the producers do not make any movies with this gay 4 pay loser. Dick isn’t worth $50+ he gets

  • Miguel

    …all I can say is he must be going through hard times because I don’t know what would drive you to do porn that you’re not interested in. That’s the main question here.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bwnvideo alex arias

      And you probably answered it

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  • Kev

    He was just bored ..I blame papi/dawgpound b/c they always looking for the next great one. Why not use some others beside python who gets on my nerve. He talks too much in his scenes. I like Rio but as for this one he didn’t want no part of the bottom dude…lol

  • albert frye

    He would be better off doing SCAT and URINATION videos.

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  • tuvok1619

    Where is the video?!