Luckey’s Review:The Late Night Boyz @ In The Cut Adult Entertainment Club (Buckhead)


Shout to King Akil, Mister Henry & the boyz of In The Cut for another exciting night. 

Finally got around to checking out one of the hottest adult entertainment clubs in Buckhead! If you have not checked out the boys of In The Cut, you are truly missing out!

The club is located off of Cheshire Bridge & Faulkner Rd and it is literally  'in the cut' (on the other side of The Jungle nightclub). The address to be exact is 2241 Faulkner Road.

I probably will warn you again but plan to leave your cell phone in the car because they do not allow them in the club. The cover is normally $8 before 12 with text ($10? otherwise). I suggest leaving your number for the text list. If you are on the down low or hate those annoying text messages, disregard.

The club itself is rather dark but light enough for you to be able to see your way around. They have couches that you can lounge on with table tops for the dancers to dance on and entertain you. There is a main stage with two stripper poles.

There is normally 15-20 dancers dancing at one time (in sets of three teams)!  The dancers varies in diversity….Dark chocolates, red bones, high yellas, thick boys, big dick boys, phat cakes boys,twerkers, island boys, Latino boys, thug types….They pretty much got somebody for everybody. 

They feature special guests among the dancers. Popular urban adult entertainer Arquez Burch was in the house last night, looking as cute as he can be. Very personable and cool…remember I checked out his show at Central Park!

The drinks at the bar are kind of expensive considering the volume of the drinks but I was able to get right off of one cocktail and the bartender was sexy enough (shout out to the bar!) PLEASE tip your bartenders!!

What I like most is the host (dancer Superman, who is currently out of commission) and his cohost Casper kept the party going without any interruptions. It would have been nice to see a show of some sort. If they do that kind of thing, they didn't do it last night.

The place starts to get packed towards the top of the night. I must say I was expecting the elderly and the perverts but there were a lot of sexy men among the crowd so if you are looking to cruise, you might have a chance. There were several women in the mix as well. 

There were plenty of sexy dancers in the place but my two favorites are Mr. Exotic (Mr. Thick) and Essence (the island boy).  

Mr. Essence is one sexy muthafucka….nice body..shoulder length dreads…nice thick meat..PHAT ass…and his accent will make you nut your pants. He is a cool dude too! I have seen him in passing and he always speak and remember who I am. 

Mr. Exotic is hands down my favorite dancer. I swear he makes me blush hard (and I don't blush easily). No matter where he is walking among the patrons or dancing on stage, he always manage to stands out. That boy's ass should be illegal. His body is soft like a baby's bottom and he has a nice burly stature. His meat is uncut and THICK! He definitely aware of his assets and knows how to tease the crowd. He is another gentlemen, who always seems to remember me and points me out whenever I see him around!

Throughout the night, the DJ announces the dancers and remind the patrons to leave to keep their phones out of sight and failure to do so will have you rejected from the club.  They do have security walking around so I would suggest leaving the phone in the car or turn it off. You probably couldn't sneak a picture anyway considering the lighting.

There was a moment that the club went dark and the patrons literally bum rush to the front of the stage and 'greet' the dancers. Mr. Essence had nothing on but two huge glow sticks(Good times….lol)!

  There is a VIP section in the upstairs area, which is $10 dollars and they always have drink specials (free champagne, all you can drink). I wasn't able to check that out last night (side eye @ Mr. J…lol) but I plan to visit more often so I will do a part two review on that particular section.

I left the club at around 2:15 am before the party really got started. I notice there were several dark areas and rooms (one with a bed). Not sure what that is about but I am sure you can use your imagination. 

I give the club 4 out of 5 stars and definitely plan to come back!  

Plan to come with plenty of dollars and don't be stingy! 

You can keep up with In The Cut via their Facebook page!


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