Luckey’s Day Out @Thabigdogs Meet & Greet @BulldogsBarAtl w/ @entertainmentw1 #BLACKGAYPRIDE2013


Every year it never fails…

I am always dragged out the door to some Black Gay Pride event. To be honest, it's not half bad. A bit overwhelming but overall quite cool as I get to see kings and queens from all over the world.

This time around, Dre & Dro, the folks of Entertainment  West, invited me out to Tha Big Dogs Meet & Greet at Bulldogs. 

Tha Big Dogs is a social gathering group that caters to the sexy and thick men of color and their admirers.

Entertainment West  stepped out to show their face and promote Thug Seduction/RawBreeder.  

That was a bit interesting but I will get to that in a bit.  Dre & Dro were so cool. Talk about pure class act. While Dro is more outgoing, Dre is smooth and laid back. They both seem to compliment each other very well.

They gave out gift bags which included a t shirt, various movies, travel packs of protection, & membership vouchers. 

It tickle me watching the men approach the table, grabbing the bags. You know how we are.. always assuming we have to pay for stuff so we pretend that we ain't interested as first.  Slowly one by way, they came to the table and were giddy as a school girl!

Those men near tore that table up once Dre & Dro stepped away to mingle with the crowd. You would have thought it was a buffet on that table. I probably would have been the main one fightin'. 

Overall it was a fun time. Those big boys know how to party! It wasn't even seven o'clock yet and they were jamming!

Special shout out to BullDogs of Atlanta for being so generous and accommodating!