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#LAHH Mimi & “Rapper” Nikko Releases Sex Tape..


When Stevie J's sex tape featuring rapper/ ex girlfriend Eve was leaked, we only got about five seconds of footage and back then, it wasn't exactly cool to have a sex tape out. Fast forward to 2014, Stevie J's baby mama and castmate Mimi Faust releases a sex tape featuring her new boo rapper Nikko (Smith). The sex tape was shot by the couple and currently being distribute by Vivid Entertainment. The flick is set to be released later on this month. 

Check out the official screenshots below..

0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-01-480w 0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-02-480w 0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-05-480w 0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-08-480w 0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-09-480w 0411-mimi-nikko-sex-tape-10-480w photo 12 photo 13 xmimi-faust-sex-tape-photo.jpg.pagespeed.ic.uvh9cIo5Pw

I have to admit, for a split second I was rooting for Mimi Faust. She lost her mother to scientology, which caused her to be emancipated (no word on what happen to her dad). She was Stevie J's long suffering ex girlfriend on Love & Hip Hop ATL. As you know, she found out he was fucking with Joseline on the show. 

For a minute, it look like she was coming to her senses, but that was until Nikko entered the picture. Nikko is an up and coming rapper and producer based out of ATL. I am sure you guys remember that novelty music video in which Mimi Faust  made a very brief appearance. Not to mention the time K. Michelle attempted to out Nikko and his "room mate" Johnny.

Now with a new season of Love and Hip Hop ATL, we learn that a sex tape is coming out.


If I was Mimi, I wouldn't brag about raw doggin' with Nikko. Atlanta has a small but powerful circle and everybody knows everybody. I ain't the one to repeat what was told to me in confidence but Nikko is just not into her. Pay attention to the body language in most of their pics. I would say that I am shocked and disappointed that Mimi would stoop so low just to be relevant but this is what happens when you don't have parents to teach you about morals and self respect.  It's clear that Mimi like her men to be possessive yet "sweet". I guess Nikko isn't going anywhere anytime soon especially since this sex tape is about to come out. I would be more excited to see a sex tape of Nikko and Johnny though…

I do feel bad for Mimi's daughter though. Did she not think about how this would affect her daughter while she was taking it in the boots?

Fun Fact: 

*Vivid Entertainment is responsible for the distribution of Paris Hilton's & Kim Kardashian's sex tapes respectfully.

*Before Mimi was Stevie's long suffering baby mama/girlfriend, it was said that she is was allegedly the side chick who broke up Stevie's relationship with Eve.


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12 Responses to #LAHH Mimi & “Rapper” Nikko Releases Sex Tape..

  1. Sex Tape my ass. They shot a porn flick. A sex tape is something you put a camera on a damned tripod and let that bitch roll. Look at the camera angles of the pre-released pictures, that’s all you need to know that there was a cameraman shooting this porn flick. Things must be dire for Mimi/Nikko to be releasing this here scene.

  2. Jondaris Yungflyfreshdope Jack

    Lucky it aint nothing to jack too lol Niko is avg with an basic stroke game and Mimi wanna sound like Kim Kardashian

  3. I say it is what the fuck it is I mean Sex Tapes to Naked Selfies from one Celebrity to another want to be Celebrity Its all getting old because we wearing this particular method of recognition to the ground and like Luckey said back then something like this would have been a lot bigger Nikko is nothings, but Mimi is well known because of the show. At the end of the day the only people it will effect is the ones closes to her. All the rest ether will be turned on or NAH

  4. *files nails and continues to use my humidifier…*

  5. By the way, apparently Vivid released an uncensored short clip of the video to WSHH. You can go see it on there.

  6. Somebody’s mother SMH and has the nerve to act like she has nothing to do with the tape being released.

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