Jamie Foxx Naked In Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx Naked In Django Unchained (5)

So I never seen Django Unchained…EVER. I don't want to see it.  I did however want to see the pictures/scene where he was tied up bucket ass naked. I always thought Jamie Foxx was hot naked. He got nice chocolate body.  Those cakes….amazing. Anyway nevermind about all of that. Check out the pics after the jump!

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  • bigreddk

    Lucky ass bastard that got to grab his dick and nutts!!! Oan, why didn’t you wanna see the movie Luckey?

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      not my kind of movie…

  • tysandsnyc

    That’s it! I’m getting the blu ray!