Eyecandy: WWE Wrestler Big E Langston Got Massive Donk!

Big E Langston (5)

I don't really watch wrestling much anymore. I was a avid fan back in the 90s when my brothers and I used to watch it. These days, I rarely watch it. Big E Langston might keep me interested with that big juicy massive ass he carrying. Check it out after the jump!



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  • http://www.facebook.com/bwnvideo alex arias

    Love love him

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      What the heck man? I counted the numbers on my calendar for this day and still no relaunch. I am fiending like a crackhead over here..LOL When are you relaunching the website?

      • BigReddK

        Yeah what Luckey said….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jondaris-Yungflyfreshdope-Jackson/1492921180 Jondaris Yungflyfreshdope Jack

    he is so damn sexy! Ive caught it while turning and seeing his sexy ass woooooo!!! That big ass chest though