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Eyecandy: Treshawn Valentino

TreShawn Valentino (8)


That last post made me feel some type of way…..maybe it was the blue contacts!

Check out more of Treshawn Valentino…


Rumor has it, Treshawn is not doing too well. Not sure what that means but all one can do is pray for him. 

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Treshawn Valentino
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Is it me or does Treshawn reminds you of Ace Rockwood? They could be butt brothas.   

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  1. Oh Wow. Wonder what’s going on with him… He did do a significant amount of porn with papithugz, dawgpoundusa, and briefly with thug seduction. One of my favs. He had awesome scenes with shorty j at dawgpound and JR at thug seduction that still gets me overheated. Lol. Is it me or compared to when he first started with porn he seems to have lost a significant amt of weight in these pics. I don’t know.. Just an observation. Hope he’s ok.

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