Eyecandy: Robert Axel

Robert Axel (5)


Say what you want about Robert Axel but I happen to like him. He does it all…straight pornbisexual porn..transexual porn…gay porn…fully versatile….into S&M …interracial. he has worked with mainstream studios as well as urban studios like DawgpoundUSA (Hard Wire)..hell he will even pay a thug thanks to Thug Hunters! 

Robert Axel gets paid and he gets the job done!

Robest Axel 's stats is 6'2 215 pounds bisexual, his 8 inches cut and thick

Check him out in pictures after the jump!



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  • George

    Robert is a a true Black porn star with a great hot body, he has it all and does it all extremely well with no hangs ups at all. Pity there are not more like him.

  • kareem


  • kareem

    I like him but he get fuck by too many caucasians for me. He dont do enough work with black men for me

    • http://theluckeystar.com/ www.theluckeystar.com

      I knew this was coming. I don’t know Robert Axel but maybe he is getting more work (and money) fucking with the white folks. He is coming out with a new movie with DawgpoundUSA though.

  • George

    I hear he appears in Dawgpound’s soon to be released Hardwire series, that thankfully will see him perform with some hot fellow Black performers, with DP hopefully given him more future work too.

  • Kareem Hicks

    dont get me wrong i like him but would love for him to work with more gay black porn stars but get your money boo