Exclusive: Interview w/ Fame Choreographer/Dancer Jeremy Copeland!

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Jeremy Copeland is the perfect example of a person who can make his dreams a reality! I won't tell you how I was introduced to this young man but I have been watching him for a while now and he has definitely come a long way.


This twenty-two year old is a Brooklyn, New York native who was (ATL raised) and now is a working professional Choreographer/Dancer, Red Carpet Journalist, Celebrity Blogger and Model.


In his humbling days of dancing in Atlanta GA, Jeremy has had the pleasure of training with elite choreographers such as Sean Bankhead, Jaquel Knight and Chuck Maldonado among many others.


Jeremy decided that he wanted to expand his career as a performer so he then left his studies at Bauder College where he studied Fashion Design and Merchandising and moved to Los Angeles, California.


Since his move to Los Angeles, Jeremy has continuing to work with amazing choreographers and dancers and have built his name as a house-hold LA dancer/choreographer and has a close relationship and have been direct booked on many jobs from Choreographer/Director and Artistic Director Frank Gatson (Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Brandy)


Jeremy’s credits include Beyonce, Lil Kim, Jennifer Lopez, Neyo, Eminem, Kanye West, Walt Disney World, Chris Brown, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O Day, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, TI, Keri Hilson, Taylor Swift, BlackStreet, Harlem Globetrotters, MTV Video Music Awards, Atlanta Hawks, Whitney Houston among many others.


Aside from being an accomplished dancer and choreographer, Jeremy was former Online Editor In Chief for Bleu Magazine, former West Coast Editor for Kontrol Magazine, former Entertainment Writer for Brave Magazine and now Entertainment Writer for EDGE Magazine LLC.


 Luckey: I would like to thank you for this interview Jeremy Copeland! It has definitely been a long time coming. I guess my first question is WHO is Jeremy Copeland?


Jeremy: No, thank you for having me. WOW, Jeremy Copeland is goofy, random, hard working, focused, driven, blonde at times, I am a Leo, I like boys (Laughs), I am just ME!


Luckey: you are from Brooklyn but were raised in Atlanta as well. What was your childhood like? Are you the only child?


Jeremy: Yes I was born in Brooklyn NYC, growing up there was so much fun and amazing, I was always at the park in my neighborhood, loved rollerblading, ice skating in the winters, I remember meeting Britney Spears in Times Square for the first time as a child, that was amazing. But everything was not always great, my dad was physically and mentally abusive to my mother, I remember moving around a lot as a child, financial struggles and etc. Then when we moved to ATL, things got a little better but I was still kind of empty and just all over the place mentally.


Luckey: What was life like for you as teenager like in Atlanta?

Jeremy: Wow, Life as a teenager for me was so much fun!!!!! OMG, I traveled a lot all over the nation with my dance team, I was so spoiled, had to have the best of everything, best phones, I had my name airbrushed on my wall in my room, I had a black flat screen TV! We grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, I was very popular, and just a ball of energy. With that being said, I was still empty, I ran away from home once, I had a horrible attitude and was very rude to my parents especially my father, I was emotional wreck and would snap at any moment, I was misunderstood and lost while appearing to have had everything. My teenage years should be a book and a movie!!!! Honestly. But I would not change any of it for the world.


Luckey: You have a degree in Fashion and Merchandising, how did you get into dancing? I understand you started dancing in church! 


Jeremy: Yes, well I started dancing first at Living Faith Tabernacle in Forest Park GA, with my dance team “S.W.A.T” We were the STANDARD for dance teams, we toured all over the United States, danced for huge Gospel Artists, performed at awards shows like The Gospel Choice Awards and having been captain and choreographer along side my good friend Ronda Johnson, it was such a great way of training me for what I am doing now in my professional career. When it was time for important decisions like college! I decided to study my second passion, which was passion, I was always sketching a drawing as a child so I just feel like it was destined for me. I attended Bauder College in Atlanta for this degree, started off doing design but could not sew for my life so I switched over to merchandising which was the best decision ever for my career! But to back track a little bit I got into dancing from my mother who first pushed me to take dance class at Dance 411 Studios where I took my first class at Chuck Maldonado to Chris Brown’s hit song “YO”. From there it was history.


Luckey: Who are the top three clients that were the best to work with and why? Who would you want to work with in 2013?


Jeremy: HANDS Down #1 Was Jennifer Lopez, she was my IDOL, I cried when I booked that job. I auditioned in front of HUGE casting director David Kang in Los Angeles, and just had to freestyle for 30 seconds, out of the hundreds of people that auditioned for that apart I got one of the principle dancer roles for the “ On The Floor” music video. From there I got to work with her on other jobs and it has been amazing.


#2. Beyonce AKA. KING B, working with King B changed my life and career and brought things to a level I cannot explain. Working with someone of that caliber is something dancers and choreographers dream about, and to say I did that at the age of 21 says a lot. I was so humbled to have been direct booked for that job it was freaking amazing.


#3. Dawn Richard, Working with Dawn was so Epic for me and also opened a lot of doors. Being assistant choreographer and dancer for her WildNFaith video under the direction of ELI and head choreographer Anthony Jackson I had an amazing time. Dawn is such an amazing person, we laughed so hard in rehearsals, had ratchet moments, she hit me up on my birthday, she is a fellow Leo, she is just such an amazing person and I cannot say enough about how I feel about her. She deserves everything she is getting and I wish her the best.


Luckey: Lets talk about your personal life for a minute and clear up some rumors. There is talk that you dated Pony Zion (of Vogue Evolution fame), is that true? Are you single? Dating? What is the ideal person for you to date or settle with?


Jeremy: Wow, I think I have only been asked this one time.

First off, NO (Laughs), Pony is my brother and I love him to death, we have NEVER dated or anything close to that. But hey my brother is sexy as hell so that’s not a bad rumor but no he is in a happy relationship with a great guy and I am happy for them. I have to say that because of some past choices my dating life has kind of suffered, as well as being in the lime light people do not realize that also takes a blow at your personal life. I could meet someone and go to dinner with them and then next thing you I am hearing that we were boyfriends and I slept with them. People think that just because I have a past, I sleep with people and that is not the case. People also have this  perception of me that I am arrogant and conceited so a lot of times people wont talk to me which sucks, because when they finally meet me they ALWAYS 100% say” Oh I didn’t think you were so down to earth, I thought you were arrogant” and I am like why? Right now I am single and getting to know people, I would love a person who is just funny, supportive, successful in that they do, and happy with themselves and that will make me happy. But my main focus is my career right now. I have a lot I would like to accomplish.


Luckey: Working as a dancer/choreographer, you get to work and tour with some of the biggest names in the industry. What is it REALLY like behind the scenes? Who was your most difficult client (don't have to mention names).Who was your favorite?


Jeremy: Yes in my field I hear, see and experience a lot with my celebrity clients. I have not had a bad experience with anyone except one person whom I love to death but according to the other choreographer, was upset that I had mention that I was working with Brandy or talked about Brandy to them in a text or something of that nature I am not sure because I never got a chance to speak to this artist about the situation, they un-followed me on twitter, will not respond to my text messages and just cut off all communication to me so I am not even sure if that is the problem but hey things happen. No love loss it is what it is. The best client I have had would have to be Missy Elliott who has just been such an amazing mentor to me and such a positive influence in my life in 2012, she has got me through so much and I love her to death!


Luckey: Besides dancing and modeling, you are an accomplished blogger to the stars. You have also written for several magazines. What is that life like and how do you balance that with dancing?


Jeremy: It is funny because my writing world is so different from my dance world. As a writer I am such a businessman and proficient and a beast when it comes to my work. I have built a great name as a writer and I have to admit my reputation dropped a little ONLY because I focused more on my dancing last year but 2013 will be a year or a new level for in that field. Working for the amazing publications I have and having personally interviewed over 150 Celebrities has really been what has pushed my career to more than just a dancer into mainstream industry professional. It has been a blessing and a curse for my dance career to be honest but I juggle it very well and that is how I booked a lot of my jobs. I became Choreographer for BlackStreet from interviewing Teddy Riley for my blog. So things work together most of the time.


Luckey: I believe that the best lovers in bed are dancers and gymnasts! As you know this is an adult blog so I have to go there. What is your sex life like? Favorite positions? What advice do you have on how to keep it spicy in the bedroom?


Jeremy: First time I have been asked about this but hey I am not mad. My sex life is fun and adventurous! I am a beast in bed and do whatever it takes to please. I do not really have limitations except a few things. Love Doggy Style!!! It gives me more control and it is sexy, Love head, what top doesn’t haha. Um and I watch a lot of porn to kind of keep things hot with that special person… If you don’t do it they will find someone else that will. I am probably the biggest freak you will find. I say it proudly!


Luckey: I try to educate people on life in the adult industry. What advice do you have for people, who may want to get into the adult industry? 


Jeremy: Simple. DON’T. Next Question (Laughs), best education I can give someone.


Luckey: What are your views on barebacking in 2013?


Jeremy: I mean honestly, of course you have to wrap it up and be safe, protect yourself and your health #1 beyond all things. But I would be lying if I said that it did not feel AMAZING!  I tend to not watch porn with condoms.  WRAP it up. Not all fantasies are supposed to happen!



Luckey: Being a professional choreographer and dancer, what kind of advice would you give an aspiring dancer or anyone who would like to venture  into the entertainment industry?


Jeremy: Best advice will be to remember at the end of the day this is a business. You are only as good as your last client, push harder, never get comfortable, never think you have made it and do more!!!!!!!! Promote and get your name out there it is 2013 and it is all about branding, be smart and think about the long run!


Luckey: Your abs are SICK! What is your workout and dieting regimen?


Jeremy: I don’t work out; every time I go to the gym I get bored and just start taking pictures for instagram (laughs). I eat whatever I want, but I am dancing 24/7 so that is my workout!


Luckey: I have some questions for the fans. We lost a lot of beautiful people over the few years. I know you were good friends with Dariel Pulliam. What was your relationship like with him and what do you miss most about him?


Jeremy: I miss Dariel; nobody will ever know the close relationship that we had except 3 other people.He was like a brother to me so that subject is very touchy. So many people swear up and down they were best friends,brothers,and sisters with him but I was at that hospital bed when he died with only a few other people! A lot of people only loved him for who he was in the industry but he was more than that to me. I was there before he got his big break and the same for him with me, he was always there! He never judged me and we had a great relationship as friends. I miss him so much!


Luckey: You have accomplished more than most people twice your age. What are your goals for 2013 and beyond? I heard a rumor that you might be touring with Rihanna. How true is that?


Jeremy: It is mind-blowing all the accomplishments I have been able to obtain but so humbling and keeps me on my toes to do more and elevate my success. I did audition for Rihanna’s tour, did make callbacks, but did not make the final cut BUT you never know J! 2013 is going to be full of amazing excited things. My current clients BlackStreet will be performing at Wembley Arena in London, choreographed by myself, which is amazing, I am back on my second year with The Harlem Globetrotters World Tour, love working with this organization, I am going to start an apparel line this year, looking to do more mainstream television this year and just take things to another level. You never know what you may get from me on a daily basis; I never know what my day is going to consist of LOL.


Luckey: Where can your fans find you?


Jeremy: I am always on Twitter @_JeremyCopeland #FollowMe

Instagram #@_JeremyCopeland

And Jeremy Copeland on Facebook!!!!!!

I would like to thank you for this opportunity and I can't wait to see what is in store for you in 2013! Thank you for being such a humble spirit and don't EVER change!

Check out some hot pictures of Jeremy Copeland as well his choreography reel below!




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      1. Understood! No luck in myvister search for JC, but I guess he’s not listed by name there … I’m sure it’ll pop up somewhere, someday … thx again for the tip tho’ … luv the site! Keep up the good work!

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