Diesel Washington & Leo Fortes Talks Black Gay Adult Actors & The Big Fat Pink Racist Elephant!


Mr. Man

One of my favorite blogs, The Sword, did an awesome post about the big fat pink elephant in the room! 

Mr. Man


Adult film star Diesel Washington and Leo Forte share their  theories, in this brutally honest and frank discussion about race, ethnicity, and the politics of porn.

Check out the video after the jump!

As a blogger, I notice that even the 'white' blogs don't really cover the urban porn industry hence why The Luckey Star created. Even on The Sword, it's rare that I see a face of color. If they feature a entertainer of color, he is always the 'angry big dick mandingo black dude' , the common thug or the 'submissive' slave. It's rare to see two black men starring in a mainstream production. 

Not to mention, the entertainers of today are opting for the ' tatted thug' look tagged with a ratchet stage name. They don't look at this business as a brand but more as a way to make money in the moment. And then you have that interracial issue. Very few black performer will bottom on film, because they view the bottom’s role as inferior and effeminate. Or, in racial terms would view the white topping a black bottom as racist. Don't believe me, go to Myvidster and read the comments.Not to mention, We are still buying into this DL straight thug persona. Some studios even go as far as finding the most ratchet gutter butt talent they can find right off the hoe stroll and take advantage of them. They don't hire serious talent. The content has become so repetetive that it doesn't sell as much anymore.We are apart the bigger problem. That's the truth…

I don’t think the lack of black actors is completely the fault of the studios. I think a lot of it has to do with clientele as well; I’ve seen some VERY nasty comments when studios branch out on both ends. I feel the racial diversity in porn is a reflection on certain views on race in the gay community. But the studios could at least attempt to feature more black performers; despite the racists. And perhaps when they do they can embrace and celebrate the fact that they are adding diversity to their team rather than present it as a concession or appeasement.

We have to stop talking the talk, embrace diversity or just shut the fuck up. You don't have to be into interracial fucking but if you are, support the movies so that studios will hire more entertainers of color. I would love to see a really hot white dude fucking a really hot black dude and there is no underline stereotypical intent.  At the end of the day, it's business. It's about what makes the most money for studios and what sells. 

I am an advocate for starting your own shit. I felt that there wasn't enough attention on the mainstream blogs for  performers of color so I started my own blog.  I encourage performers everyday to start their own studios and make their own movies. Give the fans what they want to see! Don't wait on the 'white' studios to do it for you! Put your money where your mouth is.

The keyword for today is PRO-ACTIVE!

Shout out to Diesel Washington and Leo Fortes!

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