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Dear Luckey…The REAL Deal About The Urban Gay Adult Industry!


Dear Luckey,

I want to say that I love your site and I love what you are doing. I don't have much to say and I want to keep this anonymous as I do work in the industry and I don't want to lose my job! I know a lot of your readers have been asking about the models that are used in the adult industry. I want to tell you that most studios do not test their models. They just pair positive with positive (negative with negative).  They have to sign Non-disclosure agreement  as well. This is not to say that ALL performers who fuck raw are positive but if they continue on with this practice, pretty soon they will be. The few studios that do test their models often to do 90 day testing (30 days on some occasions) but we all know that shit ain't 100% effective!

Also there are some studios who pay their models with drugs and often get them high for shoots. Its not uncommon to walk on a set and see Crystal Meth (Tina), Coke and Weed on the table for use. These fools even show up on set with all kinds of break outs from STDs and they refuse to go visit a clinic. They want work to support their habits and to survive. What's even more sad is that most of these so called popular porn stars are paid next to nothing to do these scenes. A lot of them don't have good business sense at all. This is why you see a lot of them go to one studio to another.  Of course my place of employment do not practice any of these practices but I wanted to put that out so that your readers are informed! Keep in mind, I am not talking about everyone.

Anonymous In The Industry


Dear AITI,



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3 Responses to Dear Luckey…The REAL Deal About The Urban Gay Adult Industry!

  1. A sad and terrible indictment on these studios who so recklessly risk the lives and futures of vulnerable black performers and don’t give a shit what damage they do.

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