Dear Luckey….Mario Borelli Made Me Bust So Hard That I Saw Jesus!

Mario Borelli

Dear Luckey: Two years ago I discovered the Powermen site and Mario
! The site described his amazing jerkoff-nasty talk-cocky but

sexy attitude-huge dick and phat ass! It was the first time I joined

an online site and I'm glad I did. I expected Mario to be hot but not

amazing and amazing he was. Mario Borelli even does a nice exotic dance rockin

that juicy Puerto Rican booty like only they can.


So upon first viewing his orgasm scene I almost passed out and figured I would edge

my own orgasm to heighten the pleasure. Whoa! I had like five hot

Machofucker dvd's-watched them completely through for a few hours then

went back online to my boi Mario. When he bust that hard nut-hollered

and went into ecstasy SO DID I. I didn't even care if the neighbors in

my building heard me-this was something that was meant to be(lmao).  I

bust so good I had to recollect my brain function from the nirvana. I

still have the video and check it out from time to time but can never

match that initial feeling. So Mario holds a special place in my

freakdom fer sho. If you dont know-his real name is Mario Waters

pro-bodybuilder and stripper based in Vegas @5years ago(thats where

the Muscle Hunks photographer caught up with him and then Powermen got

a hold of him) and he is from FL.