Chase Coxx (@JuicyGigolo) vs. Diesel Washington (@DieselWashXXX)

Diesel Wash vs Chase Coxxx

Diesel Washington & Chase Coxxx are at war. It  all started when Diesel addressed the on going delay with his directorial debut of "Hard Wire" courtesy of Dawgpoundusa..

"So finally it comes….What about Hard Wire?? What about Hard Wire??? 
Okay after a lot of back and forth the decision was made, Hard Wire will be sold as a DVD as well as streaming online.  So that raised the stakes even higher, so the reality of the situation didn't become apparent until now…I had to see it in Black and White myself…
Now scenes that I have already edited, I'm thinking about going back to those scenes and tighten up the scenes even more. Perfectionist yeah I guess that is what they call it, so you can be Pissed/Mad/Upset. God knows this project is taking longer than expected, but I have learned if its going to have my name on it. It has to be good!!
The main footage has been shot already, but I like to add a scene here and there. The biggest creation is making something that tells a story, with mini stories within each scene.  I guess it's hard to explain…..
I want the viewer to watch every scene for What's its Worth. Does it add to the bigger scheme of things(Movie as whole)Sure but the strength of each scene has to have a certain flow…You see Over Thinking things…
Anyway, I want to create a project that will Tell the Story, Hot sex, Different Situations, Locations, Diverse Cast, Muscle guys, Big dicks, Bubble asses… Is that the update you wanted?? Probably not!! Hey but I came online to put in writing We are doing big things but things need to be put in order first."

As you know, Hard Wire features Lawson Kane, Cristobal, Izzy James, Buck Artist, Python, Sarge Driller, Junior, D Lo & Samson and the show's name was inspired by HBO now defunct series "The Wire"


While some were waiting patiencely for the release, Chase Coxxx took the opportunity to read Diesel Washington his life via Twitter…

Coxx posted via Twitter, "Is anyone really anticipating Diesel Washingturd's directing debut for DawgPound feat. overly muscled black models? Will you support Diesel?" 

He goes on to to say…

"Remember when Diesel was getting hired by the white studios & thought he was better the rest of us blk performers? Now she wants our support. All you have to do is use GOOGLE to read the fucked up statements Diesel Washinturd has made about fellow black gay performers."

And on…

"Do I have an ax to grind? No, but I DO have a memory & I dislike turncoat blacks who come running back to us after they've been discarded.Diesel Washingturd trying to embrace black gay porn is as phony as Michael Jackson arriving to court escorted by the Nation of Islam. #Tired. Unlike Diesel, I started my OWN studio, I'm not helping make someone else rich, I'm making money for myself. Chase Coxxx owns JuicyGigolo Ent. I'm not riding someone else' coattails, being funded by a sugar daddy, or settling for a genre I publicly shitted on for years. #SelfMade."

"& I'm not even upset right now, I'm just not willing to forget what's been said or done until there is an honest atonement for such coonery."

Of course Diesel Washington, who is not the one to hold his own tongue, had this to say in response to Chase Coxxx…

Let Me state some facts:
1. I never met his Chase Coxx character, all he wants to do is point the finger at Me to make himself look better. Notice how he disses Me but then plugs his own company to make himself look better. That is a wack attack!
2. Secondly Chase Coxx shoots bareback porn, he shoots loads in asses, He brags about making asses leak, and bragging about all the people he fucks raw. He complains that I turned my bak on the Black Community just because I worked for Mainstream Studios? That dude still on some Uncle om shit, I'm a sell out because I became a Crossover star? It always that never ending cycle, Why as blacks, We can't be happy for the success of another brother trying to do his thing in the industry. It's so sad sometimes.
3. How does he have the nerve to say I turned my bak on my community? When he is a bare back porn star that is setting back the Black community back doing this "Bare back Beast" routine. He will never own the fact that he does Raw/Bareback films in this day and age of HIV. He will never be a role model for aspiring models, Damn sure no role model for the Black community. His role is that of the Black thugs that fucks the bttms, shoot loads in their ass, like some form of Black Machine fucker that doesn't care about Stds or his own safety. And Glams the idea of bareback sex being "Real" sex. The rates of HIV spreading in the Black community are at alarming numbers. So that role of Bareback monster is a played out one.

Stay tuned…..shout out to Schoneseelen for the tea..


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