5 More Things Tops Want Bottoms to Know by TheeSupaman!


A PSA from Tops to Bottoms with Love;)

5 Things Tops Want Bottoms to Know by TheeSupaman!

A PSA to bottoms from the top community.

Diego Lauzen’s Ass Tho..


Show And Tell..

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Chain Reaction


Wesley Pipes: “I’ve Eaten Plenty of Booty, Nothing Wrong With It”

Porn legend Wesley Pipes sat down with VladTV and shared his thoughts on Trick Daddy’s “Eat a Booty Gang,” saying he should have one of their T-Shirts, as he’s eaten plenty of girl’s butts over the years. Due to his line of work, this may not be surprising, but Pipes does say that when he does it, he usually has intentions of following up with anal sex.-VladTV

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