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#HowToSlay Jennifer Lopez #AKA Album Cover..

This is what a 45 year old Latina with twin kids and a boy toy looks like.

The album cover for her 10th album 'A.K.A.' [Also Known As]! The album is set to drop June 17th!

It’s Officially BEY Season….(Off To Chicago For #DestinationKingBey)

Beyonce manage to snatch every wig and fade in a matter of seconds by releasing her brand new album via Itunes..

The album is called "Beyonce': The Visual Album" which features 14 new songs and 17 music videos including the full version of Grown Woman.

Meanwhile, I am going ape shit crazy as I prepare my trip to Chicago to see her @ the United Center later on tonight! I will probably post about it Sunday as I will be spending time with family.

Check out a 30 second teaser of Blow..

You can buy the album here! Check out other snippet videos here!

“Talk A Good Game” Is Out NOW!



Kelly Rowland's new album "Talk A Good Game" comes out today (my birthday)!

If you been following me for a bit, you would know that I love the piss out of Destiny's Child. 

Kelly's new album is going back to her R&B roots  with this record.

Read more…

Don't Call Him Omarion…


Call him Maybach O…

The artist formerly known as Omarion has announced that he has sign on under Rapper Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group [MMG] label.


“Today I become a made man. Omarion aka Maybach O.,” said the formerB2K singer.  His first single “Let’s Talk” features Rick and samples Notorious B.I.G. and Salt-n-Pepa.

While talking about their new working relationship, Rick said of Omarion:

“I ran into the homie, we had a few conversations and I flew him down to Miami and he played me a dozen records.  I was amazed by the music he put together. We had a few conversations and we made a situation happen. He’s a phenomenal entertainer. His dancing is incredible. He’s an actor, he’s a writer. I thought it would be a great move for both of us. I’ve been looking to enter the R&B , I felt he was the best artist to kick the doors open.”

It’s kinda exciting to have Omarion back now! He ain’t bad to look at (from behind especially..pun intended)..
Dude can sing his butt off and can dance just as well. His solo career quicked off to a good start but last known hit from him when did ‘Ice Box’ with Timberland a few years ago.

But i wonder what his music will sound like now he is with Ricky Rozay?



All and all, good luck to Omar- I mean ‘Maybach O’….

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Former DC Member Letoya Luckett Read For Filth By Her Own Fan Site!



I love Letoya Luckett..She was my favorite DC member before she was kicked out. I think she is highly under-rated and while she is no Beyonce, the girl can still hold her own. We know she was fired from the group back in 2000. She formed a girl group (Anjel) with fellow member Latavia Roberson which was short-lived and never officially materialized. She went on to opening up a couple boutiques in Houston and got her boost in the spotlight, when she released her debut album.

She went on to do a couple plays, had a major endorsement deals with the Smooth and Touch products. She even starred in a movie with Tank that was cute.

With two solo albums under her belt,she was doing the damn thang!

Well she must have pissed off one of her biggest fans because they let her have it and closed their fan-site dedicated to her! Read more…

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Sneak Peek Of Brandy's 'Behind The Music' Special!

I love me some Brandy (on ice) and it kills me that she isn’t as big as she used to be in the 90s but who really is anyway? Between the made up ‘marriage’ to cover up the pregnancy and that fatal car accident situation, Brandy has been through the wire. Not to mention, she lost her idol….on her birthday.

All is good though because she talks about it all in VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’ (I loved that show back in the 90s) April 25th. As you should know her next single ‘Put It Down’ ft Chris Brown (…..yea) will premiere the same night.

Her upcoming album ‘Two Eleven’ is expected to be released in the summer.

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