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Craigslist Blamed For The Rise Of HIV Cases!


Based on a case study, Craigslist is to blame for the rise of HIV cases in the US. Read more…

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#Follow: Drama Dupree (@dramadupree) & Tron (@whatsthet) The Masseur Podcast!


Drama Dupree is one of my favorite people and one of the best supporters of The Luckey Star. You may know him from his spilled teas & PSAs on Youtube or his infamous “Better Days Radio” podcast with Sir Daniel.
These days Drama Dupree lives in Las Vegas with his BFF Tron, who created the legendary “What’s The T’ blog and works as a professional masseur. 

They have a new podcast called “Roomies” which is loosely based off their life experience and friendship.


Increasing Rates Of HIV/AIDS Among Black Gay Men Will Continue To Rise Throughout The Decades!


According to a recent study orchestrated by Emory University researcher Eli Rosenberg, HIV/AIDS rates will continue to rise throughout the decades to come.  Read more…

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Suki & Envy No More??


There are relationships and then there are power couples.

Both parties involved in the power couple have tremendous influence over people around them because of their devastating good looks* and seemingly perfect relationship with their significant other.You may know some power couples… Beyonce and JayZ… Brad And Angelina.. Will and Jada..

This exist in the urban porn industry as well. We had Brieon Diamond & Prophet,Angyl Valantino & Hot Rod. Bobby Blake and Flex Leon, Arquez and Cocky Boi, Jovonnie & CityBoi, Bam Bam & Krave etc. They aren’t a popular as superstars but they all do have some type of influence in the industry at some time and they do look well together.

Envy & Suki Lee was that IT couple for me. Both are very successful in the adult industry. Envy has starred in many adult movies and have made a name for himself as an exotic dancer. Suki Lee is also an accomplished exotic dancer in his own right respectfully. Both are very influential and MAN did they look so good together. You could tell that they loved each other as well.

There are rumors floating that the two are no longer an item. Both have deleted personal pictures of each other off their social media respectfully. Of course no relationship is perfect and you will go through trials. Sometimes the relationship doesn’t survive. It could very well be innocent but only they can tell the story. It’s really none of our business anyway. I really hope the rumors are not true. Regardless I hope they are able to work it out. We need more example of black gay love.
*Not always the case.

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New Music: Bjorn Duphot “Game Boy” & ” Telephone Assistant (Operator)”

Bjorn Duphot

Bjorn Duphot is a rising GLBT artist who is based out of the east coast. I am sure you have seen many of his amazing covers of artists on Youtube. His voice is definitely  distinctive and unique. My personal favorite is his cover of Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart”.

At first glance, you see this chocolate Adonis but when he opens up his mouth and sings you get a mouthful of raw talent. I promise you it will knock you off your feet.

His latest effort includes two new original material “Game Boy” & “Telephone Assistant (Operator)”.  Read more…

@RnbowConnection Presents “A First Time For Everything” (Gay short film )

After losing his job at a restaurant as a chef an ambitious man struggling to find work turns to an alternate lifestyle to make ends meet.

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