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NFL Baller Michael Sam Regrets Coming Out..
November 25, 2014
NFL Baller Michael Sam, who became the first openly gay NFL player to be drafted, has since expressed regrets on coming out.
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SmurfVlogs™ Goes Off: “I Like To Get Fucked By Transsexual” Rant
August 15, 2014
Smurfs goes off on people who think he is gay for liking transsexuals!  I want a transsexual to fuck me in my ass!! Yeah I said it! I wanna have sex with a tranny! But I'm not gay god damnit! I'm tired of people calling me gay just because I love trannys!! Leave me alone […]
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Why Do Gay People Always Gotta Come Out And Make It A Big Deal (Luckey’s Response)
January 30, 2014
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One of my starz sent me this video…. The dude in the video is DANIGGAWITDATATTOOS. In the video, he comes out as "straight" and leads into a rant as to why gay people come out publicly about their sexuality.. Naturally I had to comment on the video…     You straight people miss the ENTIRE […]
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Youtube Comedian Tre Melvin Comes Out As Bisexual!(“I Knew He Was Family” Remix)!
January 1, 2014
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There are three comedians on Youtube that I'm subscribed to on Youtube. Tpindell… Sampson McCormick… And Tre Melvin aka ThisIsACommentary aka Watermelondrea… Well the latter just came out of the closet as bisexual! I always admired Tre Melvin. For one he is uber intelligent and hilarious!  It takes mad guts to come out to the […]
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On The Down Low…(Documentary)
November 30, 2013
To understand one's journey, you must walk in their shoes..
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Grandfather Reads The F@*k Out Of His Homophobic Daughter After Disowning Gay Son!
October 3, 2013
Some of us know what it's like to come out (or be forced out) the closet and have no support from family.  Well one grandfather penned an epic letter to his daughter when he learned that she disowned her son because he was gay..   Dear Christine,  I’m disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re […]