Red Era (1986-1990) Ballroom Ceremony


On April 19th, 2014 in New York City, The House and Ball community gathered in celebration of the Red Era 1986-1990. Ballroom is divided in color coded time period eras. 1986-1990 is the shortest era of ballroom but the most impactful after the White Era (The Pioneers) 1967-1985. 

If you recall the infamous "Paris Is Burning" film around this era around this time.

Special shout out to Derek Ebony Murphy & Michael Roberson for putting this together.

Special shout out to Buddah Balenciaga & The Luna Show!

Butch Queens & Alleged Pumped Asses!

Synyster vs Hypeman Antman @ Futuristic Past Ball #SexSiren

Check out out Synyster's interview here courtesy of Industry Kingz xxx!

Eyecandy: Santonio Revlon

Santino Revlon (4)


I am sure you remember Santonio Revlon! Check out this pics!

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Everyone Hates The Ballroom Kids?


Last week I post some pics of Jacob Kohinoor (Balenciaga) & Pony Zion (Garcon) and the kids were letting them both have it.

I always wonder why is there so much shade (hatred) towards the ballroom scene?

 I am familiar of the  drama and pretentiousness in that particular scene but isn't it that way in our community at large anyway?

Discuss among yourselves!


Rest In Peace My Sisters (Lorena Xtravaganza , Brandy Martell & Paige Clay)


“To steal a phrase from President Barack Obama, transgender people aren’t a special interest group. Fighting for trans rights isn’t really about anything other than ending violence. Whether it’s the physical violence faced by Paige Clay and CeCe McDonald, the violence of poverty, or the spiritual violence of rejection, trans people know violence too well.”

Mara Keisling Op-Ed in The Advocate

As a blogger, who works very closely with the GLTBQ community, I feel it’s my duty to honor those, who have gone before us. Most times under tragic circumstances. Society too often accepts that young, black, transgender women are victims of violence. Read more…

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