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Rest In Paradise Bianca Baxter aka Barbie #Mizrahi & KaLi #Mizrahi!

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“I’m in competition with no one. I hope we all make it. Eat with your team. Don’t compete with your team.” -Barbie Mizrahi

The Mirazhi ballroom family has suffer two legendary souls.

Barbie Marazhi (Bianca Baxter) & KaLi Marazhi went on to the mansion in the sky.

Barbie Mirazhi transition on December 21. She was well known in the ballroom community. A true beauty both inside and out. Details of her death remains silent among her family respectfully.

Both will be missed dearly.

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Red Era (1986-1990) Ballroom Ceremony

On April 19th, 2014 in New York City, The House and Ball community gathered in celebration of the Red Era 1986-1990. Ballroom is divided in color coded time period eras. 1986-1990 is the shortest era of ballroom but the most impactful after the White Era (The Pioneers) 1967-1985. 

If you recall the infamous "Paris Is Burning" film around this era around this time.

Special shout out to Derek Ebony Murphy & Michael Roberson for putting this together.

Special shout out to Buddah Balenciaga & The Luna Show!

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Butch Queens & Alleged Pumped Asses!

Synyster vs Hypeman Antman @ Futuristic Past Ball #SexSiren

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Eyecandy: Santonio Revlon

Santino Revlon (4)


I am sure you remember Santonio Revlon! Check out this pics!

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Everyone Hates The Ballroom Kids?


Last week I post some pics of Jacob Kohinoor (Balenciaga) & Pony Zion (Garcon) and the kids were letting them both have it.

I always wonder why is there so much shade (hatred) towards the ballroom scene?

 I am familiar of the  drama and pretentiousness in that particular scene but isn't it that way in our community at large anyway?

Discuss among yourselves!


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