Aden Taylor #JimmyZProductions


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#Follow @Abaileyhtx Tumblr.. #teamGrownAndSexy


You need to stop what you are doing and follow this sexy dude Adrian's hot new Tumblr! If you are into the sweet cappuccino with cream, then you would love him. This sexy fitness model from Houston TX is an Aries, love having fun, throw down on some good grub and he loves to travel.
Check out his pics after the jump!

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Mr. Tool aka Supa Freak!

Mr. Tool is infamous for his nasty freaky ways. I think I mentioned this on the blog before [and starz submit pics for proof] and this man is a bonafide freak with ladies.

For one he got a video out there in which he is cumming [or peeing] like a geyser. In addition to that he love it when women pee on him. 

Yea..he is that kind of freak..

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Bodybuilders Kai Greene and Rodney St. Cloud


Bodybuilders Kai Greene and Rodney St. Cloud in action!

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Mr. Hampton Bares All; Explains His Suggestive Pics!


It's no secret that Walter Lee Hampton is a lot to take in at first. 
Some of his videos are considered controversial with an  ounce of truth.  You might remember him from his video outing Tyler Perry or/and that infamous alleged stabbing incident which was rumored to be a retaliation from Mr. Perry himself (or some pissed off drag queen).

Anywho, regardless of his opinions, he isn't bad on the eyes and if you watch his videos 98% of the time he is shirtless.  I won't lie to ya, I always wondered what he looked like in the buff. Well you might want to get into these pics. They are complete nudes but very suggestive.

15662_10203202009474072_326603153_n 1484708_10203202008834056_1997359847_n

When asked why was he posting such nudes, he had this to say..


Being the aspiring nudist that I am, I have to agree with him. Why on earth do people feel such shame with being naked. You were BORN naked.  

Anyway I hope he post more. You might not care for his opinions, don't have to watch his videos…LOL!



Powermen: The Sky’s Is The Limit!


Looking for that big break, Adam Sky strolled into our studio one recent afternoon, acting for all the world like a muscle dude on a mission. At first we couldn't tell. We have nothing against hoodies, except that they tend to cover up impressive physiques, so how were we to know what Adam was packing? More to the point, those baggy jeans weren't doing him any favors, either, but once he stripped them down and displayed an impressive 9 inches plus of pure power – well, let's just say Adam had a job.


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