Dating Within The Adult Industry…

  I tell these models all the time to keep their private relationships issues off of social media. Naturally they don’t listen. These “fans” don’t give a shit about your union or breakups. It’s all entertainment. We saw this with Arquez and Cocky Boi, Angyl Valantino and Hot Rod, and now Phoenix and True seem […]


John Legend’s Naked Ass?!!

Ugh. I hate a fuckin’ tease. That’s quite hypocritical for me to say considering that I am the biggest tease. So a couple of days ago, I got a text from a friend telling that John Legend’s wife posted an Instagram pic of John Legend’s big ol naked ass in the shower. I was out […]


June 18 2004….

In two days, I will be 21 for the TENTH time. In the midst of me thanking my creator for allowing me to live to see 31, I thought about the single most sweetest gesture I received on my 21st birthday.  I was living in the city of Chicago (North Park/Albany Park area) with my […]