Dear Luckey…..Harpo Who Dis Man



Hi Luckey,

How are you? I’m doing well myself. I have been a bad boy lol jk no I’ve been trying to find the name of this porn star for THE longest but haven’t had any luck! I’ve even tried to google his image. I know he had a scene some time ago with Remy Mars, but that was a long time ago. Please help me find out who he is!

Thank you.

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I’ve Already Won| Vote #BlatinoAwards 2014

My thoughts on the Blatino Awards and why I’ve already won.
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Poll: What Mobile Device Are You Using?


In effort to improve the blog, I want to gather up data of my mobile user considering that more than 80% of my readers are using their mobile devices.

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Dear Luckey…Where In The World Is Remy Mars (@ReMality)?


I saw that BGC deleted your account I was shocked because you do so much for our community with your blog BGC should be a little lenient with you but I guess they give special treatment for their policies. 
I wanted to know if you could tell me by writing an article on what is Remy Mars doing now,I haven’t seen him in awhile. Did he too like other pioneers of modern day black gay porn such as HotRod decide to bow out of the industry to pursue other goals? I think you did write something about “The Rat Pack” of black gay porn a while back HotRod,Remy Mars and Venom.

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Dear Luckey…Straight Friends & Celibacy Blues!


Dear Luckey,

Hey sweetie pie! How have you been? Hopefully all is well with you. The site is looking nice, mine is too. You should check it out sometime at Anyway, this time I’m emailing you about my 2 year hiatus from sex & relationships and establishing platonic friendships with straight men. 

So, it’s been 2 years since my last sexual encounter & relationship with a man and ever since the beginning of this year I’ve been feeling the pressure from my peers about it. I’ve completely abandoned my sex life now and started to have that “typical man emotion” of shying away from monogamous commitment with someone. My priorities has shifted since I’m nearing my 30’s. My friends are now saying that “you deserve to be happy” and so on. My question for you is can life be prosperous without feeling the need to connect yourself to someone? Because so far, I’ve been feeling damn good & feel irritable when someone tries to disturb that.

As far as establishing platonic friendships with straight men; its mind boggling. I’ve met this straight man who thought I was a woman (I know) I told him I’m not and been cool ever since but after talking with him for a short while; every time we talked it was about my sexuality so, I ditched him without a notice until we bumped into each other via social media and laid it out on the table. I told him that he made me feel uncomfortable because me being gay was a topic of discussion or joked about every time & he felt as if I was trying to have sex with him when I never hinted that but he would say things like “if I was your type I’ll fuck with you”. So here’s my question for you if you have straight male friends; was it a task to establish friendships with em? If so, how’d you handle it?

With Love,


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Poll: How Confident Are You About Your Body?


How confident are you about your body? What would you change? What are you currently working on?

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