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Zyz Taylor Admits To Beating Up Fellow Porn Vet Ian Rock?


A star brought something to my attention. According to popular porn vet Zyz Taylor’s Facebook status, he was involved in a fight with fellow porn vet Ian Rock (right).

Zyz Taylor is most known for his scenes in Black Breeders. Read more…

The REAL Reason The “Venue” Was Closed!?! #ThaLifeAtlanta


For months there were rumors about a particular "venue" closing down including the reason being that the venue was raided.

In a new video courtesy of Tha Life Atlanta, George Smith & his partner spills tea on the real reason that particular "venue" was closed.

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Kola Boof Of ASS (Alpharetta Sister Society) Reveals Top 20 Male Celebs With The Biggest Dicks!


I am sure you have heard of Kola Boof. She claimed she was Osama Bin Laden's sex slave and she was fooling around with Actor Djimon Honsou while he was married with Kimora Simmons. She is also an accomplished writer. 

Anyways Kola and a group of her girlfriends were VERY ACTIVE JUMPOFFS – called the Alpharetta Sister Society. They compiled a list of the 20 Celebrity men with the biggest penises. Here is the list:

20. Raphael Saadiq
19. Patrick Rafter (Austrailian tennis player)
18. Mekhi Phifer
17. 50 Cent
16. John Salley (Former NBA player)
15. Keith Sweat
14. Marc Anthony
13. Ron O’Neal (The guy who played Superfly)
12. Tao Pengiless (Played Tony Dimero on Days Of Our Lives)
11. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
10 Kwesi Mfume (Head of the NAACP)
9. Jerry Seinfeld (WERRRRRRD??)
8. Actor Jon-Erik Hexum
7. Michael Jordan
5 tie. NBA baller Rick Fox and Vin Diesel
4. Deceased actor John Ritter
3. Actor James Woods
2. Actor John Amos (James From GOOD TIMES)

UPDATE: Shout out to Kola Boof for showing me love on twitter..


Shawn Foxx The Alleged Tina Addicted Stunt Queen?


The last time we talked about Shawn Foxx, he revealed that another "model" Jodi Blaze was stealing his pics. Well  it looks like Shawn Foxx pissed some people off in Texas. According to them, he is allegedly a tina-addicted, sex party throwin', hissy fittin' stunt queen….

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Tango Goes IN On Black Rayne & Romance!


It's funny how almost a month ago, I broke the news about Tango not being paid for his work with Black Rayne.

Well he has officially reached out to The Scoop and spills the tea on Black Rayne & his co-star Romance…

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Supermodel Rob Evans Penis Report…


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