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TS Madison (@TSMadisonAtl2) Covers Ambiente Magazine!


TS Madison covers Ambiente Magazine. In the magazine she talks about her new fame, her “beef” with Carmen Carrera, plastic surgery and bullying.


The Purple One Covers Essence Magazine..

Prince Roger Nelson aka The Purple One is set to headline the Essence Music Festival This summer. It was only fitting that he covers the June issue of Essence Magazine!


I am currently rockin' out to his latest effort " She's Always In My Hair" featuring his current band 3RDEYEGIRL! 


Fun Fact: A couple of months earlier, supermodel Naomi Campbell was so inspired by Prince's natural look, she sported an Afro of her own as a  tribute to Prince.

Rihanna Gets Naked & Raw For Lui Magazine!


Rihanna is not afraid to push the envelope and she continues to do so in a new photoshoot courtesy of Lui Magazine. The photos were shot in the Hollywood Hills by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti. 

Bad Gal is showing everything but the pum pum!

Grace Jones & Madonna would be proud. 

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Jacob Kohinoor Covers @MoccaMagazine; Show @TheLuckeyStar Love!


Jacob Kohinoor covers Mocca Magazine. In the issue, he talks about the success of  "Jacob Family Ties", his infamous interview with Ts Madison (including a big shout out to the blog), and why he find having a bigger butt is frustrating. You can check out the issue here!

Shout out to Mocca Magazine for listing the blog in their magazine!

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The Original Queen “B” Covers Rolling Out Magazine!


She make not look like Kimberly Jones but she is looking quite snatched on the cover of Rolling Out magazine. 

She is giving you Miss MBA realness with her "Hot Sugah" models.

The rapstress talks everything from keeping her legacy alive in the hip-hop community, whether she’d ever do a reality show as well as her personal and business relationship with Diddy:

I’m a real artist. I [have] basically been in the game for a minute, [so it’s] where I feel like it’s time to go to [another] level in my career. I think every artist has that moment — if you’re a real artist. I care about what I do, so in different things [you’re] always concerned about your next step — but that doesn’t stop me from taking it.

I mean … business is business and personal is personal. I think that’s always been clear, but you learn more why it’s clear as you live it. […] Puffy called me one day and he tracked me down through some people I knew. [He said] ‘No matter what, you’re going to always be my sister.’ We always go through things like that. At the end of the day, we’re tied to each other through B.I.G.’s estate and B.I.G.’s iconic, historic legacy.

That’s something I was born with. When you’re born with talent, you also have the talent to conduct your own business. With me, that’s how it is. I just know how to turn it on and off. I just know what I want from myself […] In my field, I am the blueprint of what I do. I’ve always starred in my own lane.


So yeah basically she was talkin' a lot of shit but ain't said nothing. 

I like Lil Kim, better than that other bitch who shall remain nameless..

You can check out the rest of the interview courtesy of Rolling Magazine here!

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Eyecandy: Beyonce ‘King B’ Knowles


Beyoncé continues to bring in her 2013 year with a bang. In addition to singing “The Star Bangled Banner” at Barack Obama’s inauguration later this month, Bey will be making her GQ debut as the covergirl for the February issue. Covering the magazine in a cut-off tee and underwear, the pop-icon shows off her post-baby body, as the lead lady of GQ’s list for the “100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century.” Photographed by Terry Richardson!

Check out her previous covers after the jump!

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