Blind Item: This Rapper Ain’t So Classic!

One more for the road… Hollyweird wants you to believe that this rapper is a hetereo but as usual this is SO not true. Gay rappers are currently taking over and coming out without actually coming out but this rapper is suppose to be a throwback….WAY back. Too bad he is no different than the […]


Blind Item: Sneaky Ass CEO Going For Gold!

This CEO of a well known porn studio has a reputation for sleeping around with his models. He is known for a lot of things including exposing naive models to risk behaviors, producing fraudulent checks and underpaying his models. ¬†You know who he is currently fucking by who gets the cover of DVDS and gets […]


Blind Item: “Power” Porn Couple Faking It For The Cameras!

This couple could have been among the “power” gay black porn couple elites…Bobby and Flex…Jovonnie and Citiboy…Arquez & Cockyboi..but as usual the “relationship” didn’t last long and depending on who spills tea, the relationship took a shortcut straight to hell. Their relationship was trouble from the start. Many would say that they were serial daters […]


Blind Item: Tagged In Blood!

I haven’t spilled some tea in a great while but this tea must be anonymous! This is the tale of two lovers in the adult industry. You might have seen them on the urban porn site known for it’s versatility and condom based scenes. You probably where the two have been in the last six […]