Blind Item: Your Favorite Raw Porn Studio Is About To Close Shop?

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This studio, which started off on Xtube, was once the “it” site when it came to bareback porn in the urban market. These days the studio recycle old flicks as new ones to stay afloat. A little birdie tells me that the studio may not be around for much longer.This studio biggest star has been in the process of seeking legal action against his former employer. Other models have often complained that they were never paid in full for their work in the past. Who is the studio? Who is the former major star?

Blind Item: Tagged In Blood!


I haven’t spilled some tea in a great while but this tea must be anonymous!

This is the tale of two lovers in the adult industry. You might have seen them on the urban porn site known for it’s versatility and condom based scenes.

You probably where the two have been in the last six months. Let’s just say there was a lover’s quarrel that ends up with “O” stabbing “T” several times. “O” ends up in the slammer and “T” goes into hiding to heal.

Well “T” recently made an appearance on the urban porn site and there is even rumors that “O” will be making his comeback in the coming weeks..

Stay tuned…

Blind Items: The Hip Hop Couple That Plays Together….With Something XXXtra!

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From Sandra Rose
Hey Sandra,
This B-list hip-hop couple likes to add a little spice into their bedroom which keeps their relationship ‘adventurous” and open with a popular tranny. The girlfriend of the B-list rapper is not new to this world as she use to date women who had sexual relations with trannies and butches in the gay ball room scene, and she is also into all type of fetishes, S&M, and BDSM. Apparently she has convinced her hip-hop boyfriend to be down with it also, and they engage in numerous threesomes mixed in with drugs and alcohol with a popular tranny, who could appear “unclockable” to many that didn’t know better. This hip-hop couples sex life is never dull and they pay the tranny very handsomely to fly out to where they are, and keep quiet about their threesome sexual rendezvous. As many people are aware, threesomes after a while can only tear apart the relationship bond between couples due to infidelity. It’s only a matter of time before this tea cup spills over. And it’s rumored that this tranny still has his/her equipment (penis) in tact, and has a list of well known rappers, and ball players at it’s beck and calling, who pay top dollar for tranny’s who still have their penises. Satan is brewing and the devil is busy!

Blind Item: Robbery At The Red Roof Inn!

If you see this model pop up on a new xxx site, don't be surprise. Even though he got his start with another well studio, he won't be working with the studio anytime soon.If you went through a horrific robbery you probably would say the same thing!

This model, who recently gave up the cakes in a threesome, revealed that he robbed on set along with the entire crew at gunpoint! Another "model" who was hired came onto the set with an entourage which included two bodyguards, a girlfriend and the driver. 

Long story short, $3,500 bucks, personal items and the camera itself was stolen. They were told by the hired model that if anyone moved, they would get their heads blown off. 

Several members of the crew tried to call the authorities but the producer begged them not to contact 911 because he was shooting gay porn in a hotel and didn't want the attention.


Blind Item: Your Favorite Top Is About To Venture Off Into Tranny Porn!


One of your favorite "top" adult entertainer is about to venture off into tranny porn. Although he slays the big booty light-skinned boys on a steady declining urban xxx site, he secretly like the girls with something XXXtra. Due to the fact that the details are still in early stages, I can't reveal his name yet but I can promise you that it will happen very soon. 

Blind Item: He Wants His Fans To Think He Has “Retired”….


This popular porn "star"/"bad" boy wants his fans to think  that he has retired from doing porn. He announced this after spending time away on a "mini vacation". The truth is he is still working on the low and tell the studio producers to say that the flicks are not new. I don't know why he would lie to his fans like that. They seem to stan for him hard and he share his whole life with them.

Dude better reconsider that "retirement" if he knows whats good for him. I hear the queens in NY weren't too happy with his tardiness and his divo like antics during the gay pride events. He might not want to lie to his fans if he knew what was good. His 15 mins of fame is almost up. 

Why you gotta lie Craig?!

This is why you don't put your man over your money…

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