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Video:The NEW Biggest Black Dick On The Net…


 Shout out to all the super power bottoms who can take a dick as big as this one. May the universe bless your love walls..


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Video: When The Big Black Dick Is Enough…


Fun Fact: Did you know that guys with bigger dicks before boxers over briefs?


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Suck A Big Black Dick, Swallow Semen & Feel Better!!


Here is another benefit of sucking dick!

I have heard that semen was good for the skin and hair but according to clinical studies, it’s good for the mind and body as well..

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The Best Of The Big Dicks On Tumblr!


The best of the best big dicks on Tumblr including porn star Ricky Larkin (bottom middle).


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My Big Phat Uncut Pinga..

tumblr_ncwcxo0chB1t5kn0zo1_1280 tumblr_ncwcxo0chB1t5kn0zo2_1280 tumblr_ncwcxo0chB1t5kn0zo3_1280

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Dark Skinned Dick..


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