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Introducing Best Selling Erotica Author Tyson Anthony


Tyson Anthony has taken the writing world by storm. In just under six months he’s managed to become one of the most recognizable names in the writing community of gay black erotica. He’s been featured as one of Amazon’s top erotica writers overall, one of the few gay black men to receive that title. Tyson Anthony’s career started on a website aimed at connecting black gay men with each other, BGC. He’s now one of the top twenty writers on the BGC website and you very often find his stories sitting at the top of their must read list. Read more…

@ManPhatties Presents: Ass Like An Athlete!


ManPhatties is back with a HOT new video. If you like athletes with big ol bubble butts. This one is for you! Read more…

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Carolina Thick…


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#KeepCalm and Love #ThickBoyz!
views 8
An ode to all the fine ass big boys of the world! [gallery ids="54632,54633,54634,54635,54636,54637,54638,54639,54640,54641,54642,54643,54644,5...

Pretty Blue Eyes!

Name and info please?

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How To Milk A Donkey Dick (Video)
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It's long hard work but somebody gotta do it! (more…)
Eyecandy: Oneparame
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  You know I like em thick and juicy! You gotta check out Oneparame from Tumblr!  Dont really have any tea on him but I ...


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Eyecandy: His Dick Taste Like Reese Peanut Butter ...
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Everything But The Dick…
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  Exactly what the title says... (more…)
Luckey’s Best Straight Amateur Solo 2012
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Three words.....Booty, Body and Dick! The video is five years old but this video went viral this year! Definitely my favorite vide...
Muscle Cakes!
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His shower is broken and he wants to use yours...

My Big Phat Uncut Pinga..

tumblr_ncwcxo0chB1t5kn0zo1_1280 tumblr_ncwcxo0chB1t5kn0zo2_1280 tumblr_ncwcxo0chB1t5kn0zo3_1280

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Jackin’ To The Beat!
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Eyecandy: The Dancer..
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