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Dark Skinned Dick..


Black Dick Problems…


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Look Over His Shoulder..


A Sagger’s Bad Day..


Friends don’t let friends walk out the door with holey drawers!!

@2theomega Thug Harmony Vol I-IV


Thugharmony Vol. 1-4: Thugharmony chronicles the relationships of same sex loving black men who’ve met and began their relationships on the fictional website of the same name. This ebook bundles the current 4 volumes together.

Romance | LGBT | Erotic | Drama

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Vol. 1- Calvin Simpson is the webmaster of a popular message board for gay men attracted to thug culture (most of the site’s users could hardly call themselves thugs). The site was never meant to be a dating site, but Calvin soon finds himself tangled in a relationship that causes problems with his friendships, his “boo’s” friendships and eventually becomes the headlining scandal of

Vol. 2- Two-Faced: A rift has clearly come between two former friends of DC and it all started when they both became infatuated with Calvin Simpson. As luck would have it, neither of them got to keep him in the end. Picking up a year after Volume 1 ends, Two-Faced is from the point of view of two thugs/former best-friends who continue their unspoken war to Calvin’s heart, forcing him to make a decision once and for all.

Vol. 3- Reloaded: Jerome’s new relationship has been successful for a year straight, but a dart has been thrown into the fold. A night that should have been deemed unforgettable, has actually been forgotten by Jerome due to his use of the drug ecstasy. In the aftermath, he finds that the one person he loves more than anything has a bruised and battered face, and that he (Jerome) may have been the one to give it to him.

Vol. 4- Family Values: Jerome takes on a recent family tragedy when he gets the news of his father’s passing. Meanwhile, he finally gets introduced to his new husband’s family and uickly realizes why they’ve always been kept at arms length.

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