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An Update On Tyson Kobie…

Tyson Kobie (1)

I guess you can include this post in the "where are they now" category. 

I just learned that Tyson Kobie, who left the adult industry to pursue a career in bodybuilding, won won overall at the Memorial Day 2012 and the Labor Day 2012 Bodybuilding Championships at Muscle Beach!  You might recall he won the MuscleMania America Junior Tall Class of 2011. 

YES this is old news but better late than never!

I know that bodybuilding was his first love so I am happy for him and wish him the best in his future endeavors. 

Check out some of his  pics below..

Bonus video from a random competition..


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2 Responses to An Update On Tyson Kobie…

  1. Taj aka Hagan aka Dalton followed in his footsteps and did the exact same thing. (his muscle name is Corey Upton). I think they competed together in a Musclemania competition too. Some people are saying that Taj/Hagan/Dalton/Corey is going back to doing webcam stuff like he used to do on Fratpad, but I think it’s all just muscle stuff, I don’t think he gettin naked no more. He’s pretty serious about the muscle thing too. They both look like BEASTS!!…but they can still get it lol

  2. he has lost the innocent look, mebbe it’s because he dried out for the competition. i preferred him before but wish him the best anyways.

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