Former NFL Player Shamiel Gary Gets Caught Beating Off


Shamiel Gary got caught up in a wave of iCloud hacks and had footage of himself j*rkin’ off leaked in 2017. The former NFL player spends his time working in real estate after leaving the NFL. He’s also a smart guy. He blogs on his site occassionally talking about everything from being by his mother’s bedside as she passed from cancer and the birth of his daughter. It’s a bit surprising to see from an NFL player. He breaks the stereotype there. Come to think of it, he writes better than a lot of professional writers we know out there. #Shade. And he does public speaking as well. He just seems to cross off too many items on the checklist. Something just has to be off like his stroke game. ? Just kidding… unless that’s a dare to show it isn’t off. lol

Glitzers, check out Shamiel Gary’s nude leaks below:


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